Use smart micro-incentives to focus sales on what matters

SetSail Accelerate provides you with a custom-tailored incentives program that motivates your reps to follow the best practices that lead to better performance.

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Go beyond simple activity tracking and reward deal progress

Sales activity for its own sake doesn’t work. Traditional gamification simply rewards endless activity. SetSail rewards deal progress in real-time to create productivity-driving habits.

Visibility and coaching tools for managers

Running one-on-ones with your entire sales team can be overwhelming. SetSail highlights the strengths and improvement areas for each rep so you can continuously coach them to be their best.

No new systems to learn

Nobody likes change. SetSail overlays on your reps’ existing email and CRM; seamlessly integrating with the software you already use so there are no additional systems to log into.

A complete incentives solution

SetSail is a comprehensive platform that provides rep scorecards, tracks SPIFFs, measures MBOs/OKRs, and allows reps to cash out instantly; easily be integrated into your compensation management or accounting platform.