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See how much data is missing from your Salesforce and get your custom health score in seconds.

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What You’ll Get

Salesforce estimates that 91% of CRM data is incomplete and 70% of that data deteriorates and becomes inaccurate annually.

With such massive data gaps, you’re probably struggling to answer basic questions. Which reps are putting in the effort? Is your team spending time on the right accounts? How many meetings does it take to win a deal?

The CRM Health Grader shows you where you’re missing data and gives you a custom score to help you improve.

You’ll see:

  • How much data is missing from your opportunities
  • How stale accounts are
  • How incomplete contact information is
  • How many duplicate contacts there are
  • How often reps' emails and meetings aren’t logged

Get Your Detailed Report in Seconds

Get instant insights into your CRM, including specific metrics on the health of your Accounts, Opportunities, Contacts, and Activities.

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Secure and Private

We built the CRM Health Grader with security and privacy front-and-center. This is our promise to you:

Data is only queried in an aggregated and anonymized fashion

All identifiable data is deleted once you leave the site

Your data is owned by you

Any EU transfers are governed by our EU Data Processing Addendum (DPA)

What Our Customers Say

“We now have a clear view of all activities and their impact. We can easily identify which sales team members are working hard to lead to long-term engagement and success.”

Scott Allison

VP of sales, SentryOne

"We now have visibility into performance and activities that we would never be able to leverage without SetSail."

Scott H. Edmonds

Founding Team, Chief Revenue Officer Syncari

"This is an incredible gain in productivity and visibility into sales engagements.

Diego Ardiaca

COO, Cisco Canada

No download required. Save hours of analysis.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What CRMs does the CRM Health Grader currently support?

Only is currently supported.

Will the CRM Health Grader store my data?

No. All data is aggregated and anonymized, and your specific data is deleted once you leave.

How does the CRM Health Grader work?

The grader works by analyzing account, contact, opportunity, and activity records to look for missing records. It then uses this analysis to generate a score based on your level of missing data. The missing sales data is vital to the health of your organization since it is the information your team needs to improve sales performance.

What is a good score?

Each business will have a different threshold for what “good” looks like, but whatever your score is, SetSail can help you improve.

Do I have to be an admin in Salesforce to use the CRM Health Grader?

No, the scan will be limited to the accounts, contacts, opportunities, and activities that your Salesforce account has permission to access.

How can I improve my score?

– Create (and enforce) data quality standards
– Automate data where possible
– After you check your score, the SetSail team can help you capture, centralize, and enrich your sales data.

How does the CRM Health Grader connect to SFDC?

SetSail uses API access to connect with your SFDC through a single integration user.