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Your next QBR, SKO, or forecasting meeting is coming up. But if your Salesforce isn’t up to date or accurate, are you and your sales teams really ready?

Get your CRM Readiness Score to see how complete your accounts, contacts, and opportunities are.

Plus, get tailored recommendations on how you can improve your sales data.

Get an instant score based on CRM activity:

Logged emails

Logged meetings

Logged contacts

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Trusted by top sales teams around the world

“At Cisco, we have 100% automated contact creation and updates.”
Robyn S. | AI Manager
“One of the best things about SetSail is that it collects data around natural rep engagement without manually entering tasks or activities in Salesforce.”
Scott A. | VP of Sales
“Great automation tool to get us reliable records and make data-driven decisions.”
Maija B | GTM Strategy Manager