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Get SetSail’s AI-Driven Insights and Dashboards Directly in Salesforce

Track, coach, and improve rep performance — without leaving your CRM.

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Setsail in Salesforce
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Make your CRM insight-rich and actionable

With SetSail in Salesforce, you can track the metrics that matter most to you without logging in to multiple tools.

You’ll have access to:

  • SetSail Targets, where you can track rep performance according to your unique leading indicators.
  • Deal and account tracking, which helps you measure health based on the metrics and milestones that matter most to you.
  • Activity monitoring, which shows you all the activities and contacts created by SetSail.

Access AI tools from your CRM

Use SetSail AI directly in your CRM. It’s the easiest way for anyone on the revenue team to ask and instantly get answers to their most pressing sales questions.

SetSail AI uses first-party data specific to each customer, captured and orchestrated from across their entire go-to-market tech stack. Compared to other sales AI, SetSail’s solution uses holistic and accurate sales data to provide analysis custom to your business.

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See SetSail in Salesforce

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