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Science, motivation, trash-talking, and rewards; a rep’s view on using SetSail

Ben Faustine
Account Executive, SetSail

When I found myself looking for my next sales adventure late last Summer, I had a few choices to make about what type of company and product I was looking for. Did I want to stay in the MarTech/CDP space, move to a large enterprise, join a hyper-growth start-up?  

As one does, I had hundreds of conversations and interviews with friends and colleagues. Through this process, I realized that the most important thing I was looking for in my next gig was that they were solving a pain I’ve felt.

When I first met with Bert and Haggai, the co-founders of SetSail, their solution was a reps’ dream: “We use machine learning to discover winning behaviors and leverage incentives to motivate your reps to achieve them.” Making reps more productive while removing friction between them and their managers? Sign me up!

At SetSail we drink our own champagne and after using the platform for four months, I wanted to share just some of the ways I’ve seen it improve rep performance.

Eliminating busywork


“I love updating Salesforce”

– No Rep Ever

One of the most tedious and time-consuming parts of my job is manual data entry. Logging calls, creating contacts, updating fields, etc. How many times has your manager or VP begged you or your team to update Salesforce? The SetSail Collect functionality automatically captures and writes all customer interaction back to Salesforce, eliminating the hours I spent each week keeping Salesforce up-to-date. In the past, I spent two hours on Monday morning rushing to get updates into Salesforce before my forecast call. Now I spend that time talking to prospects.

The Journey is as important as the destination


A.B.C! Coffee’s for Closers, [Insert overused sales mantra here].

The only thing that matters is closing…right? Well, yes… and no. Using SetSail, I’ve realized there is a blueprint for a successful deal that includes specific customer interactions that correlate with an increase in opportunity close rate. Doing those many little things on a deal is what leads to winning, not trying to swing for the fences every day.

SPIFFs are Useless


Or more precisely — the traditional take of SPIFFs is useless. What was the last SPIFF you ran? Most calls made, most emails sent, most opportunities created? There are two things these SPIFFs have in common 1) they are rep reported and easily gamed (I hope none of my previous managers read this, but I’ve farmed my fair share of iPhones and Gift cards by “making the most calls.”) SetSail is evolving how we incentivize reps by rewarding them for making deal progress measured by customer behavior, not rep behavior. This focuses reps on making progress and not advancing vanity metrics.

Progress and rewards every day of the week


One of my previous sales leaders always ended our meetings by imploring us to make progress on our deals every day. Conceptually, this is obvious. However, I always struggled to understand exactly what progress meant. SetSail uses machine learning to identify what progress means — allowing me to know and be rewarded for things like engaging key stakeholders on critical topics like pricing. The best part? Reps get paid for making progress and motivated to move things forward. It’s a win-win.

A little competition goes a long way


Speaking of winning — I hate losing. I hate losing even more than I love winning. Competition fuels sales teams. At SetSail, I even get to compete with my CEO, CPO, and CRO for deal points (which correlates directly with deal progression). Our ‘Go-To-Market’ Slack channel is full of trash-talking whenever there is a change in the leaderboard. My goal every week is to leave my executive team in the dust!


It feels good to be on top, baby!


Finally, I’d be remiss not to mention the COVID-19 crisis. First, I hope you and yours are staying healthy. During these crazy times, many sales teams have become remote. Staying motivated, productive, and happy has been a challenge for all of us. I’ve noticed first hand how SetSail is keeping me focused, motivated and productive without a manager staying on top of me.

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