New Age CRO

Breaking the mold for new-age sales leadership takes foresight, empathy and technical zeal. That’s why we are excited to introduce the 12 visionaries highlighted below. These next-generation revenue leaders are empowering their teams with a new way to sell by focusing on the moments in between a deal win. Among the group are sales leaders, CROs, marketing and operations VPS, and technology investors. Each one is changing the status quo with new approaches to data, automation and mentoring. Read their stories to learn how to adapt to a new age of selling.

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Alex Alleyne

Specialist Sales Lead at Amazon Web Services

“Attaining target numbers is a huge motivating factor, but so is feeling a sense of connection to your team and role along with the recognition for a job well done.”

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Anna Baird

CRO at Outreach

“Sales reps have to spend 40-50% of their time on administrative work. I would change that so that at least 80-90% of their time is spent prepping for and engaging in conversations with customers.”

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Leyla Seka

Partner at Operator Collective

“You have to take a deep look at what your teams are doing, understand what motivates them, and start rewarding their actions. A great customer experience starts with an even better employee experience.”

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Praveen Akkiraju

Managing Director at Insight Partners

“We live at times of tremendous innovation. The traditional sales model of enterprise-centric, direct, and in-person sales are no longer the most effective methods. As technology has evolved, so has the way sales organizations operate.”

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Todd Barnett

CRO at Drift

“Discovery is the most important part of your selling motion. If it takes certifying hundreds of your sales reps on a whiteboard discussion to get it right, then that’s what must be done.”

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Danielle Repetti

CRO at

“Having access to data about everything from contact points to activities, whom they’re talking to, and if they have the right point of contact helps me understand what is happening in the sales pipeline.”

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Richard Harris

Founder of The Harris Consulting Group

“There are 45 categories of sales technology and 1000s of tools inside them. Each leader must dig deep and identify in what step of the sales process their team needs technology to make them more efficient.”

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Pilar Schenk

VP, Global Strategy & Operations at McAfee

“Sales leaders will become more adept at landing digital insights into the hands of the sellers to help them take the best path forward. Insights will be based on industry, vertical, customer persona, product, & digital engagement.”

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MaryAnn Wofford

Salesforce Area VP & Cloud Sales Leader

“We’re not sitting in our customers’ offices anymore, but we can continue to evolve the way we engage with them by sending them video clips of interactions.”

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Sarit Firon

Team8 Capital Partner & Co-founder

“We need to equip sales managers with tools that will enable them to motivate their salespeople, coach them, monitor their progress in order to help them reach their goals… small wins along the way."

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Peter Wagner

Founding Partner at Wing Venture Capital

“The next generation of sales leaders understand what motivates their teams and how to get the most out of them. However, they are doing all of this in a more scientific manner by leaning on data to drive decisions.”

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Dean Patton

Formerly SVP of Americas Sales at Pendo

"Understanding the data, knowing how their sales team is doing, and instrumenting the sales cycle in a way that helps drive the right activity arms the modern sales leaders with
the knowledge to make the right decisions.”

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