SetSail pushes deal alerts, meeting prep, MEDDICC analysis, and other insights that help reps win.


increase in pipeline for Fortune 500 company


higher win rate for unicorn cybersecurity company


boost in quota attainment for mid-performing reps

Know what’s really happening, not just what’s in your CRM

Built on your sales data.
Tuned to your business.
Ready for you 24/7.

Get a foundation of accurate, complete sales data

Automatically capture and organize activity data from across your GTM tech stack — accurately, completely, and securely.

A CRM full of activity

Sync contacts and activities back to your source of truth — no rep effort required.

Ready for analysis

Detect signals in your data that give deeper insights — with AI or your own analysis.

Send Insights That Sellers Will Actually Use

Push just-in-time analysis that helps sellers get prepped for every meeting, stay on top of risky deals, and move accounts forward with recommended next steps.

Duplicate Your Top Performers

Know what your best reps do, and reinforce those best practices with automated alerts and notifications. Dive deep into analysis to coach better with less micromanaging.

High-growth sales teams around the world love SetSail

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SetSail gives us visibility we wouldn’t have had otherwise. I would highly recommend it to any sales leader.

Scott H. Edmunds

CRO, Syncari

"SetSail made my life as a new manager much easier. I always knew my reps were doing the right things when dealing with customers."

Linda Peters

Sales Manager, Extreme Networks

"SetSail creates a sales data foundation that drives insights across the business."

Jason Mead

VP, Global Revenue Operations

"SetSail has helped drive awareness of the most critical actions and change actual rep behaviors."

Mallory Sullivan F.

Director, Program Sales Scaled Sales - NAMER LinkedIn Marketing Solutions

"SetSail gives me insights into what activities actually lead to results."

Scott Keane

VP, Global Sales Development, Databricks

"SetSail helps us power the entire sales cycle with AI and take manual tasks out of the hands of sales reps."

Terry Green

Senior Director of Sales Operations, OutSystems

Common questions

How can you increase sales rep performance with better insights into deals and accounts? We’ve got the answers.

How is SetSail different from other software?

1. SetSail has better privacy and security controls
2. SetSail has better data quality and accuracy
3. SetSail is more configurable in complex SFDC environment

How is SetSail using AI?

SetSail is an AI sales tool that uses OpenAI's large language model (LLM) to turn questions into SQL queries which it runs against your sales data and delivers the response in natural language. SetSail also uses AI to analyze sales email contents, meeting transcripts, contact details, calendar invites, SFDC data, SetSail signals, and more.

What data can SetSail automatically log?

SetSail automatically logs all relevant emails, meetings, and contacts back to your CRM. SetSail also writes contact details like job title, job function, email address, and phone number to the contact entity in your CRM.

Is SetSail using OpenAI/ChatGPT?

Yes, SetSail uses OpenAI's large language model (LLM). SetSail's AI model is unique, however. It's been trained on hundreds of the most common sales questions and it's tuned to every customer's specific sales process and sales data.

Is SetSail secure?

Our infrastructure and data are spread across AWS zones to ensure our services will continue even if one of those data centers fails. All of our servers are in our own virtual private cloud (VPC) with network access control that prevents unauthorized access.

In addition, we have SOC 2 Type 2 certification and conduct regular third-party penetration testing to identify and mitigate potential vulnerabilities.

What objects and fields does SetSail write?

SetSail writes new emails, calendar meetings, and contacts to SFDC. SetSail also enriches contacts by writing to fields for title, phone number, department, and soon, job level and job function for contacts.

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