Meet the world’s #1 Revenue Execution platform.

400+ actionable AI signals to improve sales behaviors at scale.

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Follow the moments that lead to revenue.


Higher attainment

Define, reward, and reinforce key selling behaviors.


Faster ramp time

Ensure your new reps are focusing on the right early activity from day 1.

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ROI on incentives

Motivate top rep behaviors – consistently and at scale.

What is Revenue Execution?

Insights alone are like good advice you never take. Revenue Execution closes the well-known gap between your sales data and the needed behaviors.

These Revenue Leaders are changing the game with SetSail.

“SetSail is the platform we use to direct our reps each week in a way that’s delightful for them and transparent for our management team.”

Meredith Rosenzweig

GTM Systems Product Manager, Dropbox

“We now have a clear view of all activities and their impact. We can easily identify which sales team members are doing the hard work that will lead to long-term engagement and success.”

Scott Allison

VP of Sales, SentryOne

“SetSail makes us smarter as an organization and reduces the amount of manual work. Effectively automating mundane manual activities and helping all of our people to focus on the deals and activities that have the biggest impact.”

Dean Patton

SVP Americas, SetSail

Now every rep gets a path to success.

Enterprise Sales

Finally! Quantitative sales plays where you can measure if enterprise reps sell higher or wider.

Enterprise Sales

Commercial Sales

Increase high velocity sales by rewarding reps to focus only on activities that drive customer response.

Commercial Sales

Business Development

Increase the quality of reachout by compelling reps to focus on the right message at the right time.

Business Development

Customer Success

Increase renewals and net promoter score by getting creative on hunting the positive language response

Customer Success

See Revenue Execution in action.