Turn your data into better sales behavior

SetSail utilizes machine learning to discover what’s working in your sales process
and incentivizes productivity-driving behaviors.

Scaling productivity across your sales org is hard.

The urgent need for better sales productivity has only led to paralysis by analysis as both managers and reps are flooded with dashboards and insights.

The best insights won’t make sales reps more productive if they aren’t motivated to take action on them.


SetSail is the end-to-end solution that leverages incentives to drive better behavior.

No more missing or dirty data: SetSail collects and cleans your customer interaction data while keeping it in sync with your CRM system.

Understand what works: SetSail’s machine learning system analyzes your customer interactions to model what sets the winning deals apart.

Scale excellence across your team: SetSail designs an incentive program that motivates your sales team to consistently stick to the behaviors that work.

SetSail leverages behavioral science to incentivize your reps toward a winning sales process.

Quickly increase productivity

SetSail has consistently provided a 10-20% lift in sales productivity during the first quarter of operation in controlled A/B tests.

We work closely with your team to focus on driving measurable sales productivity growth.


Focus on shifting priorities.

Need all hands on deck when you’re launching a new product line or focusing on a new market segment?

SetSail rewards progress on your sales priorities through a customized incentive plan.


Align your team to your ideal sales process.

Rolling out a sales methodology is hard work.

No more nagging your reps — SetSail motivates your team each step of the process and tracks their alignment each week.


Multiply the ROI of
your incentives budget.

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Dropbox drives sales productivity with SetSail

“Dropbox helps our customers get their best work done and scale their teams, and that means helping our internal teams do the same too. SetSail helps drive sales productivity as we scale by empowering our revenue teams to focus on the most impactful work.”

Meredith Jones Rosenzweig
GTM Systems Product Manager

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