AI-powered sales incentives that reward true deal progress, not rep activity.

Traditional sales compensation is falling short.

Rewards based on lagging indicators don’t guide reps toward the right actions.

Most sales incentive programs are complex and don’t let you adapt with changing priorities.

Commission does a good job for closed deals, but there has to be a way to incentivize leading indicators that actually produce results.


The solution: reward true deal progress.

Instead of rewarding generic activity that doesn’t close the deal, SetSail leverages machine learning to reward reps based on actual customer buying signals.

That’s right. We’re talking about meaningful, customer progress not just self-reported rep activity.

It’s the game-changing leading indicator you’ve been looking for.

SetSail uses machine learning to change behavior...and your bottom line.

Proven increase in revenue

Changing sales behavior translates into more dollars toward your revenue number.
Accelerate your pipeline with proven 10-20% increases in revenue per rep in controlled A/B tests.


Yes, sales incentives can actually be easy.

Traditional compensation plans are complex and hard to update. SetSail enables sales leaders to create incentive programs in minutes that drive important business objectives with minimal implementation, tracking, and adjustment time. Payments are handled within the app with low set-up overhead.

It doesn’t require high CRM hygiene—let’s face it, nobody’s keeping up with that—or rep data entry.


Quickly course correct and pivot when needed.

Track progress and guide your team along the way to help them stay focused on the current objective.

Easily course correct or add new objectives as priorities change and new initiatives come up.


Start rewarding true deal progress not aimless hustle.

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"I have found SetSail to be a HUGE win for our sales team. We are in a process of growth, and with growth comes an increased need for organization, structure and focus. SetSail has helped my first time managers understand where to focus their coaching moments and has helped the team focus on the right opportunities that drive the most revenue success for our company."

Mesha Corey, Senior Vice President of Sales & Customer Success

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