AI-powered incentives that put the wind in your sales.

Smarter incentives produce superior results

Accelerate your pipeline

Changing sales behavior translates into more dollars toward your revenue number. Proven 10-20% increases in revenue per rep in controlled A/B tests.

Drive strategic priorities

Traditional commission plans are complex and hard to update. SetSail’s weekly incentives allow for sales leaders to flexibly drive strategic priorities through our rewards system.

Empower your team

Gain insight from day one into where your team is and isn’t succeeding for better onboarding and management. Recognize and reward positive impact throughout the sales cycle, not just at the end.

Freckle Education

"I have found SetSail to be a HUGE win for our sales team. We are in a process of growth, and with growth comes an increased need for organization, structure and focus. SetSail has helped my first time managers understand where to focus their coaching moments and has helped the team focus on the right opportunities that drive the most revenue success for our company."

Mesha Corey, Senior Vice President of Sales & Customer Success

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