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These days, every sales call is a must-win. Are you ready to crush your next meeting? SetSail gets your team ready for every sales situation – in seconds. Instantly get summaries, metrics, and insights for any deal, account, and more.

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SetSail automatically captures what's happening in every deal, account, and contact across every team. Activities in email, calendar, call recording, and sales engagement platforms? You get complete and accurate sales data in the SetSail platform.

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Your CEO wants a status on your top deals. Or, you’re walking into your forecast call. Or, you’re starting your 4th sales call of the morning. Are you ready? Just ask SetSail and get current on every opportunity.

They'll Think You're a

Compare sales performance across product lines and teams. See what leading indicators get prospects converting to wins. Find the rep behaviors that move the needle. With SetSail, you make all that sales data turn into action.

What our customers say

Data is the heart of a high velocity SaaS and subscription business. SetSail creates a healthy data foundation that drives forecast, demand generation, and insight across the business.

Jason Mead

VP, Global Revenue Operations

We now have a clear view of all activities and their impact. We can easily identify which sales team members are working hard to lead to long-term engagement and success.

Scott Allison

VP of sales

We now have visibility into performance and activities that we would never be able to leverage without SetSail.

Scott H. Edmunds

founding team, cro

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