Complete Your CRM.
Get Actionable Insights.
Increase Revenue.

See how SetSail gives you the complete picture of your sales data with real-time insights that help close deals and increase revenue.

Automate CRM data entry to improve efficiency and save time. No more data silos or asking “Did you add it to the CRM?”

Get visibility into leading indicators. You’ll know which reps and deals need your attention and exactly how to help

Gain access to powerful signal data to track deal progress, detect key milestones, and close more deals.

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Trusted by top sales teams around the world

“One of the best things about SetSail is that it collects data around natural rep engagement without manually entering tasks or activities in Salesforce.”
Scott A. | VP of Sales
“Great automation tool to get us reliable records and make data-driven decisions.”
Maija B | GTM Strategy Manager