Extreme Networks improves rep performance with accurate data, increased visibility, and actionable insights

Increased visibility into rep activity leads to revenue-driving performance improvements

“SetSail makes my life as a new manager much easier. I love the fact that I can look at one screen to make sure my reps are capturing all they should be when dealing with their customers.”

Linda Peters, Service Sales Manager

About Extreme Networks 

Extreme Networks aims to make networking technology quicker, easier, and more secure. Since 1996 they have pushed the limits of their field, helping their clients connect outside the network and strengthening the relationships of those they serve.


With a high-growth sales team, Extreme Networks needed a better way to capture data from multiple systems without relying on individual reps’ note-taking abilities. Their goal was to develop actionable ways they could improve rep performance at a team level, and identify how individual reps performed compared to their colleagues. 


Data accuracy and consistency was a big problem for sales leadership. Reps were responsible for logging all activity in Sales Action notes – a heavily manual process. Because of this, that data was an unreliable source of truth – reps’ notes were often inconsistent, incomplete, and inaccurate. 

In addition, sales leadership wanted to make sure they were incentivizing their sales team the right way. What were the top reps doing that made their deals close faster? 

Instead of pulling multiple reports to see an individual’s progress, they wanted to know at-a-glance what actions reps could take to improve, and what practices the whole team could adopt to make their targeted upselling strategy more impactful. 


Using SetSail, Extreme Networks centralized sales team data, sourced from email accounts, calendars, and more – the entire revenue operations tech stack. 

With all data normalized and in one place, the sales leadership team can now quickly see how each rep performs compared to their colleagues in one dashboard. They can see deal milestones and get an accurate view of activity and deal health across the team. 

If there’s a new sales initiative or quarterly focus, leaders can quickly adjust how reps are scored and incentivized to drive momentum towards these targets.

“Having a single point of contact (whether it is Kate or Logan) who we have regular cadence calls with is so beneficial. It is very reassuring to know that, at any point, we can go to them and change or add anything to the metrics that have been set up to ensure that it is meeting our specific managerial needs,” said Linda Peters. “Also, one of the overall best values of SetSail is it allows us to see what is being actioned instead of taking the reps’ word of mouth.” 


No more hearsay and self-reported data. Extreme Networks’ sales leadership can now see in real-time who’s doing what and if rep activity is producing the right results. With factual evidence to back up individual activity and overall performance outcomes, Extreme Networks’ sales team made revenue-driving performance improvements across their team. 

“We are able to use the accurate metrics that SetSail provides when conducting individual coaching as we walk through what initiatives are falling through the cracks and provide helpful feedback,” said Linda Peters, Service Sales Manager.