Syncari Increases Meetings per Rep per Week by 80%

Increased visibility into rep activity drives 3x increase in meetings with VP or above

“SetSail is an excellent proxy for empowering remote sales and revenue teams without being in the office. We now have visibility into performance and activities that we would never be able to leverage without SetSail.”

- Scott Edmonds, Founding Team, Chief Revenue Officer at Syncari

About Syncari

Syncari is a VC-backed startup founded by an experienced team from Marketo, MuleSoft, Workato, and Zendesk. Syncari provides a data automation platform that empowers operations professionals to align, analyze, and activate trusted customer data across the enterprise. Syncari restores data trust with a powerful fusion of data management, workflow automation, and multi-directional sync. For more information, visit


Revenue and sales leadership at Syncari needed better ways to coach and motivate their competitive team of growth-oriented reps. Specifically, Syncari was looking for a tool to monitor their reps' activities and performance without being too intrusive to the team.


Before partnering with SetSail, Syncari lacked visibility into their sales team’s outreach and engagements. While the sales team often hit their goals, Syncari’s sales leaders were not able to identify the key actions that were helping their top performers succeed and causing their low performers to miss the mark.

“It’s hard to know what our team is doing.” said Scott Edmonds, Chief Revenue Officer at Syncari. “What emails did you send? How many calls did you make? How many meetings did you have? We had no way of knowing.”

While Alex Gingg, Sales Development Manager spent every morning looking through 3-4 different Salesforce dashboards trying to monitor his team’s productivity and efforts, he did not have a centralized view to give him a full picture of sales activity and help his team succeed.


Syncari implemented SetSail to get laser focused on scaling the highest-impact actions across their teams. The solution revealed top performers and identified the behaviors and activities that differentiate them from lower performing reps.

Leveraging SetSail’s Signals Engine, Syncari detected the behaviors that most strongly differentiated top reps from others. Next, SetSail’s Sales Data Hub centralized the data and provided Syncari with “at a glance” insights into what areas and behaviors their top reps were focusing on during the sales process.

From here, Syncari was able to increase the activities and behaviors that drove accepted meetings and closed deals.


With SetSail deployed, Scott and Alex have full visibility into their teams and are able to pinpoint the exact behaviors that drive success.

By leveraging SetSail, Syncari increased their accepted and completed meetings per week by 80%. Furthermore, their meetings with VPs of Sales and other senior positions went up 3x, showing that their team was spending more time with the correct decision makers.

Nick Bonfiglio, CEO of Syncari, and higher management now have clearer visibility into the team's performance. The SetSail platform differentiates and identifies the specific behaviors of top performers, while enabling them to coach underperforming reps. Overall they found that SetSail has helped to promote a more productive environment each week in their sales team, which has led to increased monthly revenue.

In addition to enhanced visibility, Alex drove the right activities with his sales team: “I would highly recommend it to any sales leader that wants to increase competition. It creates a more competitive environment with a reward each week. For my team, that really drives competition because everyone wants to win. If someone wins two weeks in a row, then everyone's out to get them.”