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Don’t fumble your next sales call.

With AI-powered summaries and insights at your fingertips, you’ll be up-to-speed and ready to crush every sales meeting.

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Be ready for every sales meeting

SetSail AI gives you all the insight you need for successful customer calls, pipeline reviews, coaching sessions, and more – instantly.

Get MEDDIC summaries of your deals so you don’t enter any meeting unprepared. You’ll get a complete understanding of your deals with a total analysis of all relevant emails, calendars, transcripts, and more.

With SetSail AI, you go into every call with confidence.

Answer any pipeline question in seconds.

Ask any question about your deals, reps, or revenue and get answers in plain English with visuals like charts and graphs. Pairing complete and accurate sales data with a simple chat-based interface feels like magic.

You can even ask follow-up questions and save your favorites for next time. Whether you’re prepping for your daily call line-up or a board meeting, SetSail AI is the co-pilot you’ve always wanted.

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