GPT Integration

Get AI-Powered Insights Into Your Sales Data

We have a limited number of spaces available. Join the beta to secure your place in line.

Beta users can:

  • Capture data from across their sales tech stack
  • Explore sales data in a chat-based interface
  • Get immediate answers to pressing GTM questions
  • Find insights that can’t be found anywhere else
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Why join the beta?

Why join the beta?

You’ll be the first to try a revolutionary new way to explore your sales data.

Powered by SetSail’s sales data capture abilities and GPT’s powerful language models, the new interface will answer virtually any question about your sales data from across your teams and tools.

Get answers to questions like:

  • How many meetings does my team have with VPs this week?
  • What persona do we prospect to that generates the most pipeline?
  • What are my top performers doing better than anyone else?
  • Which deals in late stages don’t have any recent activity?
  • What accounts are most likely to churn?
  • How many meetings does it take to win a deal?

How does it work?

By integrating with OpenAI’s machine learning models and natural language processing, SetSail makes it easy to ask questions about sales data and get immediate, visualized answers. 

Users type their question into a simple text box. SetSail returns answers from data pulled from across your sales organization and tech stack. Users can then ask follow-up questions, save threads, pin dashboards, or ask a new question to learn how to win more.

The process is secure and private — no sales data is ever shared with OpenAI.

How does sales data analytics with OpenAI work?

Limited spots available

If you are a Sales Cloud customer and want to improve the performance of your revenue team, you can request an invitation to the private beta. You do not need to be a current SetSail customer. To save your spot, sign up as soon as possible.