Sam Hillestad
Product Marketing at SetSail
Table of contents:

SetSail’s R&D team constantly improves all product areas, not just the core SetSail App. This month's product updates include significant updates to CRM Writeback, enhancing both the quality and quantity of data SetSail can write to your CRM.

Updates to CRM Writeback 

CRM Writeback captures and enriches all your sales data, which means a CRM that’s always complete, enriched, and up-to-date … without manual entry! Here's what's new:

  1. See the whole picture by adding Gong data to SFDC

Gong is a standard tool for recording sales calls, but if it stays in Gong, it’s just another silo.

CRM Writeback now adds Gong data plus the recording link when writing meetings to your SFDC. Additionally, we detect new contacts and meetings from Gong calls, even if they aren’t on the rep’s calendar.

The result? More complete meeting data and easier access to call recordings within SFDC.

  1. Standardize Job Fields for Better Visibility into Persona Engagement

Job titles vary greatly across customer accounts. It is challenging to evaluate whether your reps have reached power or are multi-threaded in an account.

Applying rich machine learning models, SetSail automatically assigns standardized job levels and functions to SFDC contacts, providing you with clear visibility and easy reporting on persona engagement.

Updates to the SetSail App 

The SetSail App uses buying signals and actionable insights to help you focus revenue teams on the most impactful activities. Here's what's new:

Help Your Reps Improve by Granting Access to Signal Dashboards

Reps often ask for our signal data to help them self-improve. This new feature gives reps access to the same dashboards as their managers.

Reps will:

  • Gain insights to improve their workflow
  • Learn by comparing themselves to peers
  • Never be surprised by what their manager shows them

If you're already a customer, let your CSM know when you're ready to enable these features.

If you're not yet a customer, request a demo, and we'll show you firsthand how CRM Writeback works and the dashboards both managers and reps will get access to.