Haggai Levi
Co-Founder and CEO at SetSail
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A lot of companies using AI in sales right now have fallen short, and that’s usually because they stopped at insights. Cisco filled that gap, at scale, by going all the way from data to action.

In 2020, more than half of Cisco’s revenue was from software and services, and nearly three-quarters of software revenue came from subscriptions. This marks a vital sea-change for the company from its predominantly systems-based business in the past. Shifting its core business to a recurring revenue model relies on being very proactive with customers and having better ways of engaging with them.

Cisco Venture Labs set about solving the problem with a pilot project with SetSail that quickly turned into a full production rollout in more than 90 countries. With direct integrations into different channels that salespeople use to engage with their customers, the SetSail platform has unified Cisco's sales data and automated capturing of contacts and activities for customer-facing teams that needed better customer context.

Robyn Sablosky, Manager at Cisco describes the vision with the project as bringing AI into the entire sales process and beyond, "This is essentially the customer foundation that will allow us to know our customers better, whether it's marketing, understanding the opportunities, or looking at different cross-sales and up-sales for the sales team."


The project has so far generated over 125,000 rich sales contacts, drove quicker onboarding and account management, and delivered advanced insights around buying signals of a successful deal.

Working with Cisco on their mission to create a connected customer experience has been a rewarding journey for SetSail. You can learn more about our partnership in this whitepaper.