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Close More Deals: Don’t Be a Cookie Cutter Sales Leader

Lee Moskowitz
Director of Growth Marketing
Table of contents:

Throw away your generic sales playbooks. 

If you want to gain an edge on the up-and-coming flashy competitor…

If you want to keep your top salespeople around…

If you want to hit the revenue target you promised the leaders around you…

You’re going to need more to complement MEDDIC and SPIN. 

Let’s get one thing straight: we’re not bashing sales methodologies. We think they’re vital.

These frameworks help build a sales program from scratch. They help leaders train up new reps. They help managers coach their teams. (We even wrote about 16 of the top sales methodologies here). 

But frameworks depend on accurate data about what’s happening in your deals. And knowing the specific milestones that are important for how your team sells. 

A cookie-cutter sales leader tries to retro-fit their sales process into the methodology that seems to fit best. 

But that’s not you. You don’t take the assembly line approach. 

This post is about the two ingredients you need to get away from cookie-cutter sales execution and become a master baker. 

Why is my sales strategy not working?

If you don’t have a clear view of your sales data, then it’s nearly impossible to coach your team from good to great. With no data: 

  • You don’t have an accurate picture of what your reps are doing. 
  • You don’t know which rep activities are moving the needle. 

How do you hold a rep accountable for keeping in touch with all of their accounts when you aren’t even sure what emails they’ve sent or meetings they’ve held? 

How do you show reps what to do more of if you aren’t sure it matters? 

You’re trying to bake without a full pantry. Let’s solve that.

How do I customize my sales strategy for my team?

Ever try to skip the baking soda when you make cookies? Spoiler alert: don’t. 

And don’t try to coach and scale a sales team without these two vital ingredients:

#1: Accurate data

What is actually happening across all opportunities, today? How can you tell? 

This might start as an operations problem to fix, but it’s going to affect you, the sales leader. 

You may think it’s impossible to get the data right – after all, there’s an endless list of tools your sales team uses to make in-roads with a new account. 

But think again. Because SetSail is uniquely built to solve this specific problem. 

Here’s what accurate data gives you: the real story on what your sales reps are doing.

#2: Custom signals

Only when all activity data is captured accurately can you begin to draw correlations between the sales results and the winning behaviors that led to a won deal.

What actions influence a prospect to book the follow-up call? What milestones show they’re interested in moving forward?

For example, one SetSail customer found that their top-performing SDRs send emails with videos 56% more often than everyone else. 

Figure out what these signals are for your business with SetSail, then manage your team according to these metrics and milestones. 

Here’s what custom signals give you: the recipe for selling smarter. 

No more one-size-fits-all 

SetSail's sales data platform lets you see every rep activity, know what's effective, and reinforce optimal rep behavior. No more generic metrics. No more one-size-fits-all sales strategies.

Book a demo with SetSail today to see how we can make you and your team the best sellers you can be. 

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