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 "Whatever you do, your actions are writing your life."

Sahi with her fiancé Pradeep

Sahithya Varanasi is a sales operations admin and analyst. She enriches the end-to-end revenue process throughout the company by analyzing KPIs and pipeline goals, then builds systems to automate and support them.

Her work automating the Opportunity Object for our internal sales team, AEs, and revenue leaders, has been a stand-out project earning Sahi internal praise and new opportunities to own and drive work. She also recently earned her HubSpot sales management and LeanData routing certifications, adding to her already impressive toolkit.

Watch Sahi's "Get to Know a SetSailor" video.

You'll learn about her life growing up in India, what brought her to America, and her experiences living in the mid-west, the west coast, and now the south. Plus, Sahi shares her talent for abstract painting, speaking multiple languages, and her favorite quote from her dad.