Candice Coots
Content Marketing at SetSail
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"I'm like the Jack of All Trades over here."

Last summer, Shane Tierney joined the SetSail engineering group, though his responsibilities reach far and wide throughout the organization. Sporting a rare blend of legal, compliance, engineering, and sales expertise – Shane contributes to and solves problems for many teams.

In this dynamic and exciting role, Shane is also is front-facing with our premiere list of clients, customers, and vendors. His good-natured attitude helps him solve privacy and security problems efficiently as he helps the company grow from an initial build to a mature state.

Watch Shane's "Get to Know a SetSailor" video.

You will find out about the last concert he attended (rock on!), what he and his best-bud Stax, the french bulldog, do in their free time, and his advice for folks pursuing a career in governance.