Michaela Mendes
Head of Content & Strategy
Table of contents:

The sport of business. Eighteen holes. Divot digging. 

It’s golf season! 

Maybe you’ve only ever visited Topgolf (great for team bonding!). 

Maybe you take PTO to hit the links and know the stats of every PGA Tour winner in the last few decades (hi Dad!). 

Maybe you’ve never done either, but you’re hard to beat at mini-golf (me!). 

Regardless of the quality of your golf swing, everyone in sales knows a golf term or two (whether you realize it or not). 

When it comes to the world of closing deals, sports phrases abound. 

We’re always saying things like, “I can quarterback this!” or “We’re almost to the finish line.” 

But in the spirit of summer and the PGA tour, we wanted to know: what’s the most popular golf saying in sales? 

After analyzing millions of emails, here’s what we found: 

  1. Teed Up
  2. Below Par
  3. Sub Par
  4. Hole in One

Teed up wins the day, and fittingly, “below par” and “sub par” follow behind. 

“Hole in one” came in 4th place, which is lower than we thought it'd be.

What’s your favorite golf term? Did we miss one? Shoot me a message and let me know!