Srivatsa Marthi
Product at SetSail
Table of contents:

SetSail Accelerate is a machine learning-powered incentives system that we launched in late 2019. Hundreds of sales reps are already using the system every day to guide their actions and get rewarded for making deal progress.

Updated Feed is more user-friendly and has more useful information[/caption]

The new and improved SetSail Accelerate makes reps even more productive by equipping them with a more intuitive experience and giving them a better understanding of what drives deal progress. The update was made possible by the adding more data sources and more buying signals that SetSail is able to collect and reward on.

The SetSail Accelerate update has three major components to it:

  1. More data sources
  2. More buying signals
  3. Improved transparency and ease-of-use

More data sources
SetSail has always been able to capture nuanced buying signals, which are activities that indicate deal progress. These include events like:

  • Email received from decision-maker
  • Meeting booked with director-level contact
  • Meeting attended by Legal

Our latest update expands the number of data sources that we can capture data from and adds the ability to understand the content within those data sources. For instance, SetSail can now capture data from video conferencing tools like Zoom, sales engagement tools like Outreach, and sales intelligence tools like Gong. Buying signals from custom data sources and proprietary databases can also now be captured. This allows us to capture more granular data like:

  • Amount of time each contact spent speaking
  • What topics were most commonly discussed and by who
  • Which contacts attended the meeting and for how long

More buying signals
In addition to more data sources, this release also introduces more buying signal combinations to identify hyper-specific events. For instance, SetSail can now detect and reward points for:

  • Email received from decision-maker about pricing
  • Email received from Legal with an NDA attached
  • Meeting attended by 2+ contacts from CS

SetSail can also apply machine learning to identify which precise combinations of buying signals correlate most with deal progress and closed revenue.

More transparency for reps
The upgrade has rephrased everything to appear in natural language and with intuitive icons. As a result, reps can know exactly which actions lead to rewards and results, reinforcing good behaviors and building revenue-driving habits.

The improvements to transparency include:

  • Everything in the main feed is presented in natural language
  • Every event that you get points for is presented front-and-center in the main feed.
  • New icons for different types of events
  • Zero-point events, which shows that something happened but it didn’t move the deal forward

As a result of this increased transparency, reps will be easier to train and good sales habits will be reinforced with no extra effort from the sales manager.

What’s next?
We decided to focus this release on reps, but the sales manager also needs a clear understanding of how their reps are getting points. The next update will focus on the manager experience. The improvements planned include:

  • A dedicated manager dashboard for complete visibility into rep performance
  • Key insights automatically surfaced for managers
  • Options for a 30,000-foot-view and an extremely granular view of sales productivity

Look out for this upgrade coming in the coming months. Until then, you can learn more about SetSail Accelerate by getting in touch with one of our sales productivity experts.