Sam Hillestad
Product Marketing at SetSail
Table of contents:

Meeting Prep, the latest feature of SetSail AI, gives sellers deal analysis, context, and insights ahead of sales calls to help them crush every meeting and move deals to close.

Today we launched SetSail AI's new Meeting Prep capability. It proactively prepares sellers with key information before critical meetings. With Meeting Prep, sellers go into every call with a complete understanding of the deal and how to move it forward.

For most B2B sellers, deals don’t close after one email or one call. So, it’s vital that sellers can get up to speed on the dozens of interactions that they and their team have had with their prospects. 

Unlike one-off call summaries, Meeting Prep analyzes every interaction — from emails, calendars, call transcripts, and more to provide rich understanding of what’s happened in the deal and how to advance it to close. 

Proactively delivered via email, Meeting Prep assesses every interaction on the deal so it can provide accurate summaries and most helpful recommendations such as:

#1: Last Interaction Summary

SetSail AI summarizes each deal’s most recent meeting. Sellers know what was discussed, who was on the line, and the next steps to move the deal forward.

#2: Objections

SetSail AI evaluates transcripts and emails to find key objections that have been raised. Meeting Prep surfaces those challenges ahead of a seller’s meetings so they can be ready to challenge and overcome them.

#3: Pain Points

SetSail AI identifies the prospect’s specific needs — whether they were explicitly stated or not. This lets sellers focus their upcoming meeting on what’s most important: solving the prospect’s problems.

#4: Attendees

SetSail AI detects who will be on the call and provides their LinkedIn profiles. That means sellers don’t have to resort to last minute scrambling to remember participants’ names and roles.

Meeting Prep is one of a library of features that leverage the power of SetSail AI and the SetSail Data Platform. Other capabilities include the ability to identify which rep behaviors are most effective at closing deals and generate a MEDDIC analysis of any deal. These features are available to every SetSail AI customer.

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