Product Updates

Get AI-Powered Sales Insights Pushed to You With Notifications

Sam Hillestad
Product Marketing at SetSail
Table of contents:

SetSail, the AI analyst for revenue teams that pushes timely, actionable insights to everyone, upgraded its AI with new functionality today. The new Notifications feature lets users ask SetSail’s AI a question and then “subscribe” to the response. Users get updated answers in their email or Slack at whatever interval they choose.

You might kick off your weekly team meeting by scheduling an update from SetSail on “Which new business deals closing this month don’t have a VP engaged?” and “Which opportunities over $50K haven’t been touched over the last 2 weeks?” every Monday at 8am.

You could prepare for your pipeline review by scheduling a notification for “How much pipeline do we have for next quarter?” every Wednesday at 11:30am.

And you could get ready for your team 1:1s with a notification like: “How many new logo accounts were prospected this week?” and “Rank my reps by new logo accounts prospected this week?” 

Any question you ask SetSail can be “subscribed” to with a custom notification, so the possibilities are endless.

This update also paves the way for additional waves of intelligent, curated alerts. For instance, SetSail will be able to alert you to deals at risk, detect anomalies in an account, notify you of struggling reps, and much, much more. Stay tuned!

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