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Content Marketing at SetSail
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Sales leaders face consistent pressure to deliver growth during times of boom and bust. To accomplish this, many of them dedicate their time trying to build a well-oiled sales force where every individual rep can deliver at their peak performance.

Dean Patton, SVP of Americas Sales at Pendo, has led revenue and sales teams for many high-growth startups. But when he joined Pendo in 2019, Dean realized that the rapid rate of Pendo’s growth requires a different approach to scale. He immediately started looking for a solution to amplify the efforts of his sales team, improve productivity, and increase the consistency of engaging with customers.

SetSail's micro-incentives platform empowered Pendo to deliver the sales process excellence they needed by incorporating the top behaviors into the day-to-day workflow of sales reps — without any extra manual work on their end. The built-in behavioral data model was easy to use out of the box and machine learning that learned from past deal wins was better than any dashboard or tool they ever used.

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The biggest impact that the team started seeing was the increase in the velocity of the sales deals. Across all deals, but especially in the company’s SMB segments, the company was experiencing shrinking timelines towards deal closures. While looking into the underlying driver of this change, Dean noticed that SetSail was helping his team identify and focus on the deals that have the highest propensity to close.

“At Pendo, our mission is to help companies build better software solutions and SetSail helps us towards this mission by guiding us to build better sales reps. It helps us understand behaviors, drive the right behaviors, and ultimately, as a result of this, the customer has the best experience possible,” says Dean Patton, the SVP of Americas Sales at Pendo.

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