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Top 11 Revenue Operations Career-Building Resources

Lee Moskowitz
Director of Growth Marketing
Table of contents:

Do you want to start or grow your revenue operations career? 

According to LinkedIn, revenue operations is the fastest growing job in America. We’ve compiled a list of resources to help you accelerate your learning along with your career opportunities. 

From digital blueprint libraries, to communities, to email newsletters – these are the RevOps resources designed to help you master the art and science of revenue operations and continue advancing (as well as a salary guide to help you know your worth!). 

We’ll keep this list updated as we discover new resources to help you continue growing your revenue operations career. 

11 RevOps career resources

  • UnofficialSF
  • Salesforce Ben
  • Hubspot Revenue Operations Certification
  • The RevOps Collective
  • RevOps Impact Newsletter
  • RevOps Co-Op
  • RevGenius
  • Winning by Design Blueprints
  • RevOps Salary Guide
  • What About RevOps? 
  • Pavilion

#1: UnofficialSF

Mastering RevOps is almost synonymous with mastering Salesforce. provides free guides, installable actions and components for Salesforce’s Automation Products maintained by a community of Salesforce experts and bloggers. 

The website contains a wide range of information, including tips and tricks, tutorials, and documentation, all designed to help users maximize their Salesforce experience. is helpful for RevOps professionals and Salesforce administrators, developers, and consultants, as well as end-users who are seeking to expand their knowledge of the platform. The website can help these individuals improve their Salesforce skills, troubleshoot common issues, and stay up to date on the latest updates.

#2: Salesforce Ben

Salesforce Ben is a website that provides information, resources, and advice for Salesforce professionals. Salesforce users can learn and share their knowledge and experience with others.

The website features articles, tutorials, and tips on various Salesforce-related topics, such as implementation, customization, integration, and administration. It also includes job listings, courses, and practice exams for those working to earn Salesforce certifications. has become a popular destination for Salesforce professionals around the world, with over one million visits a month. 

#3: Hubspot Revenue Operations Certification

Hubspot’s Revenue Operations Certification is a great foundational course for RevOps professionals who are early in their career, or just starting out. It teaches you what revenue operations is, and is full of actionable advice from practicing RevOps pros. 

It takes six hours and 30 minutes to complete, and includes nine lessons. Some topics covered include: 

  • How to map a sales process
  • Systems management for RevOps
  • Structuring your RevOps team 

Check it out here.

#4: The RevOps Collective 

The RevOps Collective was founded by Rosalyn Santa Elena, a prominent RevOps expert with 20+ years of experience leading GTM & Revenue Operations at a dozen enterprise companies and high growth start-ups. The mission of the community is to elevate, empower, and enable revenue operations to be the strategic differentiator of every organization.

You can take advantage of career coaching and development, and also join a growing community of RevOps professionals at many different stages in their career to connect and learn from each other. 

#5: RevOps Impact 

RevOps Impact offers a 10-week course, community, and email newsletter, and was founded by Jeff Ignacio, who currently serves as Head of Revenue Operations at Regrow Ag. Jeff has worked in Go To Market Operations for both large companies (Google, Amazon AWS) as well as growth companies. 

His deep understanding in aligning both strategy and execution has helped to build teams, infrastructure, and processes needed to unlock growth. Through RevOps Impact he has instructed over 100 students from notable firms including Lattice, Hopin, Chili Piper, CB Insights, and Seismic. It’s the ideal next step when you’re ready to level-up your RevOps skills.

#6: RevOps Co-Op

RevOps Co-Op is a community designed solely for revenue operations professionals. 

Members get access to a private Slack group as well as: 

  • Exclusive access to curated content such as courses, webinars, and roundtables
  • LinkedIn profile and resume reviews
  • Private job board and recruiter access
  • Mentorship program

Join 8,000 other revenue operations professionals from around the world all working to level up their career. 

#7: RevGenius

One of the largest SaaS communities, RevGenius is home to over 35,000 go-to-market professionals across sales, marketing and RevOps from around the world. 

It’s free to join. You get access to an active Slack community, receive invitations to free events, and network with other career builders in a similar pathway. There’s also a job board.

#8: Winning by Design Blueprints

Winning by Design is a global B2B revenue consulting and training company. They focus on enabling revenue teams to architect sustainable growth. Over the course of their existence, they’ve built scientific frameworks and proven models to help Sales, Marketing, and Customer Success teams at B2B companies and global enterprises achieve impact.

You don’t have to become a Winning by Design client to get value from their experience – they’ve built out an impressive blueprint library that every revenue operations professional should know about. 

Some of the blueprints include: 

  • GTM Playbook Development Kit
  • Mapping relationships
  • Get insights from deal analysis
  • How to uncover your ICP

This library can help you build or revamp your revenue operations processes. 

#9: SetSail’s RevOps Salary Guide

Are you looking for a resource to help you figure out how to benchmark a revenue operations salary – your own, or a new hire? 

Then download our RevOps Salary and Career Guide. 

In the guide, you’ll get:

  • The RevOps career framework
  • RevOps salary benchmarks
  • The skills you need to succeed in RevOps
  • How to build & scale a RevOps team
  • Optimizing the RevOps tech stack
  • What’s next in RevOps?

Check it out here.

#10: What About RevOps? 

Do you need Rev Ops therapy? Rudy Wilson-Evans created What About RevOps? with the mission of helping revenue operations professionals (no matter the stage of their career) feel a little less alone in the challenges they face on the job. It's a podcast and blog that addresses many of the questions RevOps pros may have, but aren't sure where to turn to get an answer.

As Rudy says, "Rev Ops is a place where blue sky thinking and strategy hit the road and is made a reality. It's the engine room of the go-to-market organisation and it needs a full variety of people to succeed." And he's building a community of professionals with the confidence required to make an impact.

#11: Pavilion

From Slack channels, to 1-1 mentorship, to in-depth courses, Pavilion offers a place for revenue operations professionals to advance to the next stage of expertise. At the analyst level, up-and-coming RevOps pros can get training and support. The Associate Program is a good fit for managers and directors, and the Executive Program ratchets it up another notch for leaders who want to go in-depth on building processes for recurring revenue.

Check out all the RevOps offerings here.