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You know your revenue operations could always be better. But how does the current inner workings of your go-to-market process stack up against other companies? Are you doing relatively well, or is there a burning fire you absolutely need to fix right now? 

We gathered statistics from across the B2B industry that expose interesting information on sales data, rep productivity, sales enablement processes, sales training, and revenue operations technology to help guide your efforts to improve your strategy and execution.

Statistics don’t tell the whole story – but they give you a benchmark so you can better understand how you’re doing, what you should prioritize improving first, and how to gauge success. 

28 revenue operations statistics you need to know 

  • Sales data statistics
  • Sales rep productivity statistics
  • Sales process statistics
  • Sales training statistics
  • Revenue operations and sales technology statistics 

Sales data statistics

Sales data is the heart of every B2B company’s growth. It should lay the foundation for forecasting, demand generation, and revenue targets. But is it an asset or a liability for your team? 

  • 75% of companies say duplicate or inadequate outreach driven by poor data quality loses their company customers (Validity).
  • On average, 40% of marketing leads are invalid, incomplete, or duplicates (Integrate).
  • Inaccurate contact data wastes 27.3% of sales reps’ time. That equates to 546 hours per year, per full-time rep (LeadJen).
  • Data cleansing can help create 7 times the number of inquiries and 4 times the number of leads. The combination of the two can help identify up to 11 times more leads per month (Eloqua).
  • U.S. companies say 27% of revenue is wasted due to incomplete or inaccurate customer or contact data (Experian). 
  • Almost half of sellers (45%) say their biggest challenge is incomplete data (LinkedIn). 

Takeaway: Data quality is directly linked to revenue. Investing in a tool to ensure complete, correct sales data will have an immediate impact on your bottom line.

Sales rep productivity statistics

Are your reps more or less productive than reps at other companies? These statistics will give you a glimpse into what other companies are struggling with when it comes to rep productivity. 

  • Sales reps only spend 28% of their week selling (Salesforce). 
  • 25% of sales reps said updating the CRM frequently takes time away from selling, and 95% said they’d be more likely to hit quota if they spent less time on non-revenue generating activities (Dooly). 
  • Only 3% of sales teams have 75% or more of reps hitting quota in the past 12 months (RepVue).
  • Companies lose at least $1 trillion every year from lost sales team productivity, wasted marketing budget, and poorly managed leads (Marketo).

Takeaway: investing in automation that gives your reps time back in their day could instantly boost quota attainment. 

Sales process statistics 

What’s working (and what’s not) in your sales process? How much of your sales process is automated? Are you capturing contact data on all stakeholders – and keeping that data updated?

  • Only 7% of companies respond within 5 minutes of a prospect’s form submission. Meanwhile, 50% don’t respond for 5 business days (Drift). 
  • If you make a phone call to a lead in the first 5 minutes after they’ve submitted a website form, they are 100 times more likely (Inside Sales).
  • One out of five sales reps say they don’t have the right resources to keep their sales processes on track (Data Dwell).
  • High-performing companies are 2x as likely as underperforming companies to describe their sales process as "closely monitored" or "strictly enforced or automated” (Velocify). 
  • 63% of purchases have more than four people involved (Forrester). 
  • 85% of sellers say they lost or delayed at least one deal in the past year due to a key client stakeholder changing jobs (LinkedIn). 

Takeaway: Find the holes in your sales process and explore new ways to automate. Invest in contact data enrichment and tracking so your sellers aren’t missing opportunities. 

Sales training statistics

Enablement is key to success for your sellers. They need the right support and education to give your prospects and customers the best experience. Is your sales training working? 

  • It takes 10 months or longer for 42.5% of sales reps to become productive enough to contribute to company goals (IRC). 
  • When sales reps use their company’s methodology and receive consistent training, they hit quota 73% of the time (SPOTIO). 
  • 59% of companies say the biggest challenge to effective sales training is accountability (BrainShark). 

Takeaway: It’s not just about putting a good sales training together once – it’s about consistency and follow-up. 

Revenue operations and sales technology statistics 

What about the tech that helps do all of the above? 

  • 77% of sales professionals say their sales organizations plan to invest “significantly more” or “more” in sales intelligence tools (LinkedIn). 
  • Companies that invest in RevOps report 10-20% increases in sales productivity (Boston Consulting Group). 
  • Companies that deployed RevOps grew revenue 3x faster than those that didn’t (Forrester). 
  • 49% of sales professionals say they will rely on CRM software “significantly more” (LinkedIn). 
  • 90% of companies make use of two or more lead enrichment tools to gather information about new leads (Gartner). 
  • 77% of sales professionals say their company has plans to invest more heavily in sales intelligence tools (LinkedIn)
  • 43% of salespeople use intelligence tools for sales tracking and pipeline management (LinkedIn). 
  • 54% of sellers believe sales technology is a great resource for building stronger relationships with their buyers (LinkedIn). 
  • When companies aligned people, processes, and technology across their sales and marketing teams, they achieved 36% more revenue growth and up to 28% more profitability (Forrester). 

Takeaway: As revenue operations technology advances, it’s on RevOps leaders to determine what’s a value-add. Identify the tools and software to help keep sales data clean, increase rep productivity, and improve the sales process – it will pay off. 

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