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Increasing revenue is a clear and ultimate goal of most B2B organizations. But with various departments and large tech stacks, getting the actionable visibility you need to make data-informed decisions that drive growth can be challenging. To help solve this problem, growing SaaS companies are prioritizing RevOps more than ever.

Revenue Operations, or RevOps, is the strategic alignment of sales, marketing, and customer success operations across the entire customer life cycle to drive growth through data-informed decisions and operational efficiency.

What is a RevOps agency?

A RevOps agency is an external team that offers RevOps as a Service to help SaaS & B2B organizations make data-informed decisions to grow revenue by aligning operations across marketing, sales, and customer success along the entire customer lifecycle. They help architect seamless integrations between all teams and tools, break down silos between these teams, and ensure you are tracking your KPIs.

When to hire a RevOps agency vs. an In-house team

When building a team, it’s best to start with the roles that address your core needs and require full-time, in-house positions, while tapping into external resources, such as a RevOps agency or a performance marketing partner. 

In some cases, the volume of work and rapid feedback required for certain projects may become so great that it is more cost-effective to bring the resource in-house. In other cases, hiring an external team may save you both time and money, depending on the level of expertise.

Hiring a RevOps agency offers several benefits as well, such as:

  • Keeping your in-house team focused on your core needs and tasks
  • Streamlining processes and manual takes
  • Getting top RevOps talent for fewer resources and capital
  • Avoiding lengthy and costly hiring processes
  • Reducing ramp time and onboarding

Finding the best RevOps agency right for you can be an arduous and challenging task, which is why we’ve put together our top RevOps Agencies that we think you should consider helping grow your B2B organization in 2022 and beyond! To help you find the best fit for your needs, our list contains a variety of RevOps consultants, ranging from leading agencies to smaller shops.

Who are the top RevOps agencies?

  • Winning by Design
  • Carabiner Group
  • Matter Made
  • New Breed 
  • Go Nimbly
  • Remotish
  • Think RevOps
  • Directive Consulting
  • RevPartners
  • Skaled
  • Admin Within

Winning by Design 

Trusted by top companies in SaaS such as Calendly, Dialpad, Adobe, and Hopin, Winning by Design (WbD) encourages high-growth recurring revenue enterprises to adopt an operational plan to foster long-term success.

Winning by Design specializes in unlocking revenue growth across your portfolio with value creation solutions that are purpose-built for B2B recurring revenue businesses. They aim to empower your team with the right tools and processes to foster a data-driven culture with sustainable revenue growth. 

In June 2022, WbD expanded their Revenue Academy offering interactive training sessions, engaging instructors, best-in-class frameworks, and detailed blueprints for each step along the customer journey. The academy includes a complete catalog to give your entire GTM the skills and common language they need to succeed in driving recurring revenue.

Winning by Design was ranked second among the fastest growing companies in Silicon Valley by the Silicon Valley Business Journal and is one of Inc.’s fastest-growing private companies in America.

Carabiner Group

Carabiner Group is a team of trusted advisors, certified consultants, and industry leaders who make Revenue Operations easy for clients across the globe through full-service fractional RevOps Consulting. They serve SaaS, financial services, healthcare, nonprofits, and higher education organizations. Carabiner Group’s client roster includes UpKeep, Electric, KPMG, and Postal.io

They offer a unique RevOps-as-a-Service model, where they “take the time to learn your business at every level, from the executive team to the day-to-day operators, and “make a long-term commitment to partnership alongside your team, developing bespoke strategies and blueprints to ensure success as your team expands and faces new challenges.” 

Carabiner Group carries out various tasks, including direct development, strategic advice, internal team member training, and enablement. Their team of specialists, technological architects, and business analysts secure all the knowledge and record change management so that you know what is done to position you for success.

Carabiner Group is a trusted Salesforce expert across the entire platform and is a proud Ridge Partner in the Salesforce ecosystem with a 5-star average from the verified Customer Satisfaction review process. In addition to Salesforce, the team supports a wide breadth and scale of tools across the revenue operations techstack, including HubSpot, Gong, Outreach, LeanData, Postal.io, and Marketo.

“Thank you. The level of professionalism and process that your team exhibited today has reassured me that we made the right choice to go with Carabiner. This is going to be the first good night of sleep I've had in months.

  - CMO

Matter Made 

Matter Made helps B2B SaaS companies expand effectively and sustainably, from marketing strategy and leadership through execution and outcomes. Companies like Dropbox, Oracle, Yelp, G2, Hopin, Loom, Calm, and Productboard rely on Matter Made to extend the bandwidth of their in-house teams and help scale efficient marketing initiatives.

Their RevOps services help companies distribute, qualify, track, analyze, and close leads and sales. In addition to RevOps, Matter Made provides GTM strategy, demand generation, PLG, and paid media. According to Matter Made, they don’t just implement best practices -  they define them. 

Matter Made landed in the top 100 of the August 2022 Inc. 5000 lineup after experiencing 5,109% growth in the last three years.

“Matter Made quickly assessed our weak points and implemented multiple, fresh and actionable marketing strategies to impact revenue.”

-Timothy Young, President at Dropbox 

Go Nimbly

Whether you’re looking for strategic support or hands-on-keyboard project execution, Go Nimbly will build custom RevOps solutions tailored to your tech stack, goals, and budget. The team at Go Nimbly refers to themselves as “The RevOps Partner for SaaS agencies,” and their clients include Twilio, Zendesk, Intercom, and BrainPop.

Go Nimbly’s RevOps Strategy services include analyzing and benchmarking your funnel metrics, testing your processes, and building a roadmap that prioritizes your highest-impact work. Then they’ll help you execute.

“In our weekly coaching meetings, we were able to be decisive and make fast decisions on how to build and implement our process and systems, track key customer data inputs to optimize our funnel, and how to best prioritize our backlog. And we did this in a way that allowed us to balance short-term goals while keeping long-term scalability without needing multiple drawn-out meetings.”

- Amberly Jones, Director of Marketplace Revenues at Realm


Remotish provides HubSpot operations for revenue-generating teams. Their Monthly RevOps Program helps companies leverage their HubSpot portals to power decision-making and support growth.

In addition to RevOps support, Remotish offers HubSpot onboarding, consulting, and WebOps support. They leverage existing HubSpot themes and templates, bringing their clients’ vision to life.

Remotish earned Hubspot's first-ever Authentic Service Award for “going above and beyond to provide genuine, human interactions at every point along the customer journey.”  Remotish won the "Most Technically Optimized Theme” in HubSpot’s 2020 Themes Hackathon. 

“The Remotish team is helpful, responsive, and most of all, wonderful people. This is my second time using Remotish to stand up HubSpot at a new company, and I will never do it without them again. Adam, Josh, Ben, and Jen all deliver a wonderfully personalized experience for every client. Their transparency is amazing and confidence-inspiring. 10/10 will be back again and again. I'm excited to continue partnering with Remotish to hit our sales and marketing goals.”

- Joel Guthrie, Marketing & Biz Dev Leader | Start-up Enthusiast

New Breed

New Breed’s integrated demand generation services, RevOps capabilities and revenue apps enable subscription companies worldwide to generate demand, acquire customers, and retain revenue. As one of the first HubSpot Elite partners and two-time HubSpot North American Partner of the Year, New Breed is a recognized leader in driving revenue for the world’s fastest-growing organizations.

They recently announced significant upgrades to Distributely, the first lead distribution application designed expressly for HubSpot users. It streamlines the process of assigning new leads, deals, companies, and support tickets to the best-suited sales and service representatives to follow up on them. This combination helps businesses scale by reducing overhead expenses, improving their customer experience, and shortening their sales cycle. Both Distributely and UPonent (New Breed’s sales gamification app) are available in HubSpot’s App Marketplace.

New Breed has earned a place on the Inc. 5000 List of Fastest-Growing Companies for four consecutive years.

"Building a team, setting a foundation, and getting the value of unified tech stack data are major challenges for startups. Having a good partner is critical for accelerating this process. But in the past, it wouldn’t have been possible for me because we didn’t have the budget. Now, with New Breed for Startups, we have the support we need at the right investment level. And can accelerate so much quicker. We’re up and running on HubSpot faster and getting results faster.”

- Christina Chaplin, Chief Growth Officer at Quan.

Think RevOps 

Think RevOps enables Go-To-Market professionals to boost acquisition, conversion, and customer growth. The team brings a unique mix of objective design, Go-To-Market modeling, data strategy, design thinking, and tech stack implementation expertise to guide you in building resilient, forward-facing organizations.

Think RevOps specializes in discovering gaps and opportunities within your organization, optimizing your revenue, and designing a customer journey that removes leakage and creates predictable revenue. They will help drive change, and prepare, support, and train your teams.

Their TRO Insource model provides you with access to a team of RevOps experts, providing a bridge to an in-house RevOps team. Think RevOps offers monthly, quarterly, and custom plans to support your go-to-market operations in several ways.

"Think RevOps has made a massive impact on the growth of Forecast. They dissected our processes and evolved them to make the revenue engine what it is today - an efficient machine. I don't know what I would've done without them!"

- Rob Massa, Chief Revenue Officer at Forecast


Directive Consulting 

Directive’s customer-led revenue operations support helps B2B SaaS companies connect the dots between marketing and sales for SQLs that turn into revenue. Their Customer Generation framework helps companies drive customer and revenue growth while improving ROI.

Directive helps software companies exceed their lead, opportunity, deal, and revenue goals through customer generation via organic search, paid media, performance creative, and business intelligence solutions. 

Directive recently announced plans to expand its global footprint to include Australia, with recruitment beginning immediately for positions in Sydney and expanding around Australia. This expansion enables Directive to offer localized support for its existing customers in multiple international markets.

"Directive provides a true team-based approach, meaning they cover multiple marketing disciplines and get “economies of scale” benefits associated with leading campaigns for over 200 SaaS companies.”

- Michael Greeves,  Sr. Director, Digital Marketing at Sumo Logic


RevPartners is on a mission to democratize RevOps by making it accessible, consumable, and actionable in HubSpot. According to RevPartners, they are the fastest-tiering HubSpot Solutions partner in history to achieve platinum, diamond, and elite-level statuses.

If you visit their HubSpot profile, the first thing you will see is a warning from the team that they are NOT a marketing agency and that you “shouldn’t pick a marketing agency to do a Systems Integrator's job.” Instead, RevPartners is a team of “veteran Revenue Operations experts who specialize in HubSpot CRM -  migrations, implementations, and RevOps as a Service. They offer several growth packages, so you can choose the right one to accelerate your revenue. Their RevOps as a Service offering include tech stack audit, consulting and implementation, custom dashboards, and RevOps automation build-outs. They offer several growth packages, so you can choose the right one to accelerate your revenue.

“RevPartners has strengthened our B2B revenue operations by enriching the design and implementation of our demand gen strategies - brand, content, outbound, inbound, sales and marketing tools.” 

- John Willis, Chief Operating Officer at Inteserra


SKALED is passionate about driving the growth of emerging and enterprise businesses. Companies like 1stdibs, Bungalo, Duetto, LinkedIn, Microsoft, The New York Jets, Outreach, and others trust SKALED to drive tangible and measurable business outcomes.

SKALED provides a team of sales, operations, and enablement experts to analyze and enhance your company based on your size and needs. From Growth to Midmarket and Enterprise, they have experts and plans to assist you where needed.

Their RevOps services can help growth-stage companies with the expertise they lack to hit their next growth stage faster. They thrive at getting market companies out of their rut of steady year-on-year growth by modernizing them, providing the strategy to do so, and then seeing it through execution to completion. For their biggest enterprise customers, they ensure activation and reinforcement across teams while identifying gaps and creating the strategy for sales transformation. 

"The mix of strategic and tactical was fantastic about working with Skaled at the highest level. They can effortlessly jump between a strategic conversation when needed and a tactical one when required."

-Chris Kelly, CEO & Co-Founder at Upwave (formerly) Survata

Admin_Logo w outline.png

Admin Within

Admin Within is a boutique consulting firm that provides growing companies with experienced guidance related to RevOps and sales technology. Their team of RevOps consultants deliver scalable revenue operations support built around Salesforce. They work primarily with B2B SaaS and Healthcare Technology companies, and deliver both RevOps as a Service as well as Salesforce implementation. A few of their B2B clients include Datadog, 7shifts, G2, LinkSquares, and Andela.

Admin Within's team of experienced professionals provide growing companies with guidance on revenue operations and sales & marketing technology. From strategy through implementation, they help companies optimize their people, processes and systems to deliver business results. In addition to their RevOps as a Service support, they provide project consulting to help you with your Salesforce and RevOps needs when you have a specific project in mind. Whether you are setting up Salesforce for the first time, or have a specific project to tackle,

"Admin Within provided nimble and highly efficient professional services after a seamless and transparent agreement negotiation. They were brought on to facilitate systematic changes and improvements during a period of growth and operational change; in doing so, the team was flexible, professional, thoughtful, and impressive in their ability to translate business needs from key stakeholders into actionable strategy and turnkey project plans."

-Kathryn Hackworth Shepard, Sr. Director Revenue Operations at LinkSquares

Revenue Wizards

Revenue Wizards is Europe’s leading RevOps agency. Their mantra is that RevOps helps companies do more with less headcount - especially when RevOps empowers GTM teams with AI.

Their services (see here) are structured in 4 pillars (1) RevOps Foundation, (2) Go-to-Market Services, (3) Data, Analytics, and Forecasting, and (4) Systems and Implementation. They are known for their result-driven approach, flexibility and experience, making them a preferred partner for companies aiming to optimize their revenue operations efficiently.

Revenue Wizards are based in Amsterdam operating globally across Europe and North America. Among their clients, you find Castor, Greenomy, or Lantum.

"Revenue Wizards help us grow our in-house revenue teams. We benefit greatly from the wide area of expertise and for us, it is ideal to have one partner for multiple domains while we expand our internal team."

– Alexander Stevens, CEO & Founder, Greenomy

Top RevOps Consultants Use SetSail

Hiring RevOps consultants or a RevOps agency can help optimize and align your GTM efforts. However, you still need the right RevOps Software to get the actionable visibility you need to drive revenue. SetSail automatically unlocks insights that identify the most effective sales behaviors, allowing teams to grow and perform better.

SetSail helps revenue organizations increase productivity ($ per headcount) by providing end-to-end visibility into sales activity, making it easy to find key moments and insights to drive success, and helping reinforce and scale those activities across your team.

Customers see an average of 33% faster ramp times, 16% higher revenue, and 15x ROI on sales programs. Used by leading tech companies like Cisco, LinkedIn, and ADP, SetSail uses machine learning to help teams detect patterns and gain complete visibility.

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