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RevOps Salary Guide: How much does a career in RevOps pay in 2023?

Lee Moskowitz
Director of Growth Marketing
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With the rise of remote work, teams are distributed across time zones, and data is spread across tools and departments more than ever. In fact, the Gartner Future of Sales 2025 report predicts that by 2025, 80% of B2B sales interactions between suppliers and buyers will occur in digital channels. Chief sales officers (CSOs) and other senior sales leaders must accept that buying preferences have permanently changed and, as a result, so too will the role of sellers. This shift increases the need for B2B organizations to build a successful go-to-market strategy by centralizing their sales, marketing, and customer operations into a single RevOps function. 

Companies who have built this centralized RevOps function are reporting 30% reductions in GTM expenses, encouraging many more companies to expand their investments in RevOps and hire talent. This is great news for professionals who are looking to build a career in RevOps.

However, for many candidates, there are still many remaining questions such as:

  • “How much does a career in RevOps pay?”
  • “What does a successful career in RevOps look like?” 
  • “Is a RevOps career right for me?”

In this article, we’ll discuss various career opportunities and compensation ranges for RevOps professionals.

For the full salary details, career framework, and insights, download SetSail’s 2023 RevOps Salary & Career Guide.

What is Revenue Operations (RevOps)?

Before we dive into RevOps salaries, let’s first learn more about RevOps functions.

Growing revenue has always been a top priority of business leaders, however, many organizations haven’t optimized their go-to-market organizations, tools, and strategies to achieve top performance.

Organizations with separate marketing, sales, and customer success teams often run into issues with visibility, data hygiene, technology stacks, and processes.

Revenue operations enable the organization to break down these silos between departments to create operational efficiency and drive high performance across the entire business to drive growth.

What’s the difference between Revenue Operations and Sales Operations?

The main difference is that sales operations primarily focus on streamlining sales, while revenue operations focus on multiple functions, aligning data between finance, marketing, sales, and CS to make data-driven decisions that lead to growth for the organization.

While most organizations have an established sales operations team in place, this approach is increasingly not sufficient to manage the complex and siloed world of revenue generation. More than ever, today’s organizations want to optimize the efficiency of cross-department collaboration while eliminating operational silos.

Revenue Operations Career Path

As the benefits of revenue operations become more widely accepted, advocating for the staffing of various roles in this area is not quite as difficult as it used to be.

However, if you are looking to build a career in RevOps, it is important to understand the career path, necessary skills, and technologies used to succeed.

Here are the most common job titles of the RevOps career path: 

  • Revenue Operations Specialist 
  • Revenue Operations Analyst 
  • Revenue Operations Manager 
  • Director, Revenue Operations 
  • Sr. Director of Revenue Operations
  • VP of Revenue Operations 
  • SVP of Revenue Operations
  • Chief Revenue Officer

How much does a career in RevOps pay?

SetSail’s 2023 RevOps Salary and Career guide provides a full picture of the RevOps career path and corresponding salary benchmarks.

2023 RevOps Salaries

As revealed in the full guide, SetSail found that the average base salary for a RevOps Specialist role in the US is around $80,000. When you move up the ladder, your next role may be “Revenue Operations Manager”. So how much does a revenue operations manager make? A RevOps manager can make an average of $95,000, however, this can have a wide range between organizations.

It's important to note that salaries vary based on geographic location, years of experience, existing skills, and role or seniority within the organization. Moreover, many organizations choose to provide additional compensation in the form of bonuses, commissions, equity, 401k matching, and other benefits, so salary alone may not always provide a complete picture.

How to Advance Your Career in RevOps

Advancing your career in RevOps can be different than in other fields. As you’re looking to take the next steps in your RevOps career, define which direction to take and build a path that best suits your skills, interests, and strengths. Instead of solely focusing on climbing the ladder, define what success looks like to you and align your path with that vision.

That said, strengthening your skills and becoming an “expert” in the following three areas will help you move toward your career goals:

Data & analytics

Ability to work with complex and disorganized data to extract key insights that help make decisions. You must have a strong understanding of data and analytics, particularly as it relates to sales and marketing data.


Solid understanding of software, databases, networking, and other technical concepts is a requirement to be effective. 

Project management

Ability to prioritize tasks, manage timelines, and coordinate efforts across several different teams to ensure that projects are completed on time and within budget.

How SetSail Can Help RevOps

To be successful in RevOps, you need track and analyze to make data-driven decisions that steer your ship on the right course.

SetSail is dedicated to empowering RevOps teams to maximize their organization’s revenue using clean data and actionable sales insights.

SetSail is a Sales Data Hub that provides complete and actionable sales data to give you full visibility into your data and uses machine learning to detect buying signals and productivity patterns. Insights are available wherever you need them: in your CRM, your data lake, or in SetSail's intuitive dashboards. 

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