Michaela Mendes
Head of Content & Strategy
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Some months, your sales team is booked and busy. 

Other times? You’re wincing at the open calendars. 

Whenever there’s a dry stretch and you don’t have many sales meetings booked, it’s normal to wonder, “Is this an us problem, or an everyone problem?” 

We decided to analyze the last 13 months to figure out which are the most popular for all sales reps (not just AEs) after looking at millions of anonymized Salesforce records. 

Now you can see how your slow and busy months line up with the average sales team.

Most popular months for sales meetings

Here’s a visual of the results: 

Q1 and Q2 are busy. The most popular months for sales meetings are between February and May. Is your team busy at this time too? 

On the other hand, the four worst months of the year for sales meetings are summertime – June, July, and August – and probably no surprise: December. 

How can you book more sales meetings during slow months? 

Knowing which months you can expect to be slow is potentially more powerful than knowing the busy months. Now you can strategize and plan ahead. 

Here are some ideas on how to book more sales meetings when your prospects would rather be offline: 

#1: Run a Gifting Campaign 

Give your prospects a reason to get on the call that goes beyond product demand. Offer a free gift, such as headphones around the holidays, or a bluetooth speaker for the beach. If they’re already mildly interested, this may be enough to accept a quick meeting.

#2: Keep It Short 

Do you typically run a 30-minute demo call? Shorten it to 20 minutes – or even 15 minutes if you can. Make each meeting about delivering one tiny piece of value, versus telling the whole story at once. It’s less weighty to commit to a 15-minute overview than a 30-minute pitch. 

#3: Give Prospects Scheduling Power 

Everyone’s busy in the summer and around the holidays, so make it as frictionless as possible for your prospects to schedule time with you. Open your calendars early and later, and allow them to choose the time slots (versus going back and forth on availability over email). 

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