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Motivating a sales team and creating an environment where they can succeed is difficult during normal times. But how do successful companies accomplish this feat during a global pandemic? SentryOne’s sales team has cracked the code to this puzzle.

Scott Allison, Vice President of Sales at SentryOne, has been leading the sales organization for over 3 years. Despite the challenges surfaced by the pandemic, Scott saw an opportunity to energize his team members and create a high-velocity sales organization by arming them with important data along with the latest advancements in automation and AI. That’s when he found out about SetSail.

It took less than 2 weeks to integrate SetSail with Salesforce and Microsoft Outlook, and get all three sales teams - Account Executives, Business Development Representatives, and the Customer Success Managers onboarded. They quickly launched a SetSail program that aimed to reward key buying signals, reinforcing and driving the urgency for activities that accelerate deal progress.

This automated activity-driven approach to sales created an environment of learning by bringing transparency into what top performers are doing to achieve success. With the ability to learn from their peers, SentryOne’s sales reps could easily identify the types of activities that are making them successful.

“Visibility into engagement is one of the most important learnings for us since the implementation of SetSail” says Scott Allison, the VP of Sales at SentryOne

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