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SetSail’s Generative AI Solution Automates Deal Analysis via Virtually Any Sales Methodology or Framework

Sam Hillestad
Product Marketing at SetSail
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SetSail AI analyzes opportunities’ complete histories — across emails, calls, meetings, and more — with MEDDIC, SPIN, and other popular sales approaches; provides instant answers to critical sales questions with a chat-based interface.

Today we released the next evolution of SetSail AI. This generative AI solution performs end-to-end deal analysis and answers critical revenue questions that help leaders boost rep performance.

Revenue leaders often rely on sales methodologies or frameworks like MEDDIC, BANT, or SPIN to help reps qualify, advance, and close deals. But deal analysis can be complicated by the need to chase down reps for inconsistent, inaccurate, and manually-entered sales data. 

Using generative AI, SetSail can now automatically summarize deals according to a user’s preferred methodology or framework. Summaries can be accessed from the SetSail web app or written directly back to Salesforce. The analysis doesn’t rely solely on individual call transcripts. It takes a “total deal” perspective by analyzing every email, call, meeting, and contact on an opportunity to answer questions like:

  • What is [Deal A’s] status according to MEDDIC?
  • What BANT elements are missing for [Deal B]?
  • What are the top deals at risk for the quarter?

“Sales methodologies and frameworks are a great way to increase rep performance, but analyzing deals can be challenging,” said SetSail CTO and co-founder Majed Itani. “SetSail AI gives teams the power to assess opportunities in a structured and standardized way. It lets users ask questions in plain English and immediately get summaries, charts, graphs, and other insights into their deals.”

With its chat-based interface, SetSail AI answers critical questions about revenue teams and their opportunities. Users can even thread questions, like “Who is generating the most outbound pipeline?” and follow up by asking “What is their best lead source?”. 

Or, a user could ask “What are the top 5 deals closing this quarter?” and drill deeper with a question like “What are the BANT summaries for these deals?”, for example.

Users can trust SetSail AI’s answers because they’re based on their own data, which is captured completely, accurately, and securely across their go-to-market teams. When answering questions, SetSail AI assesses email contents, meeting transcripts, contact details, calendar invites, and more — ensuring that responses are useful and tuned to the unique sales process of each customer.

SetSail AI is now in Early Access. There are limited spots available, so sign up now to guarantee your spot.