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SetSail Announces Revenue Acceleration Programs to Align Sales Behaviors with Specific Growth Objectives

Candice Coots
Content Marketing at SetSail
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SetSail, the Revenue Execution platform for sales, has launched a library of machine learning powered Revenue Acceleration Programs that extend its intelligent signals engine. Combined, these two products form a complete solution for driving predictable revenue growth for B2B businesses and digitally transform their sales processes.

“Despite the maturity of the CRM space, running efficient sales programs has always been the Achilles heel of revenue organizations,” said Haggai Levi, the CEO of SetSail. “By introducing a new layer of program management on top of SetSail’s intelligent signals, we are making it easy for sales managers to guide their teams towards in-quarter goals. Just like ABM ushered us into the age of programmatic marketing, Revenue Acceleration Programs ensure teams can rally around specific growth objectives — with clear accountability and higher impact on key behaviors.”

Each Acceleration Program is an intelligent workflow designed to improve key sales outcomes. The initial programs that come in SetSail’s out-of-the-box library are:

  1. Always-on Sales Performance programs like “Ramp Time Acceleration,” “Improve Linearity,” and “Skills Improvement”
  2. Project-based Market Booster programs like “Shift to New Buyer,” “Follow a New Sales Play,” and “Adopt a New Sales Methodology” (e.g. MEDDIC)

“The key benefit of these programs is that they are built on a customizable intelligence layer of 400+ signals,” said Bert Lui, Chief Product Officer of SetSail. “These signals connect to a 360° view of all the interactions a sales rep has with the customer and can track and reward reps at a very granular level.”

Another benefit is how these programs automate manual entry. In addition to instant dashboards and notification workflows, every time a rep has a conversation with a new customer, their contact — and all the context of the conversation — gets created immediately in the CRM, saving teams countless hours of administrative work.

“With 5,000+ empowered sales users and 2M+ program outcomes delivered already, SetSail is disrupting how modern revenue leaders run their business,” said Leyla Seka, partner at Operator Collective. “Revenue Acceleration Programs are a major step towards fully automating B2B sales.”

SetSail’s Revenue Acceleration Programs are available now. You can watch the On Demand webinar to get a firsthand look at these new features through live demos and an interactive Q&A.