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SetSail AI Gets Sales Teams Ready for Every Sales Meeting Directly In Slack

Sam Hillestad
Product Marketing at SetSail
Table of contents:

SetSail AI analyzes all your sales data to provide deal summaries, insights, and recommendations that prepare sellers for any sales meeting — all via Slack.

Today we announced that SetSail AI is now available in Slack. This generative AI solution leverages rich internal data to provide holistic deal analysis and answer critical deal questions. Sales teams will now be up-to-speed on every deal and ready to crush every sales call — without having to leave Slack.

Sales teams can get ready for an upcoming prospect call by asking questions like:

  • Give me a deal summary for this opportunity
  • Can you recap our last call?
  • What should happen next on this deal?
  • What objections and concerns should I know about?

SetSail AI analyzes every email, call, meeting, contact, and transcript on the opportunity to provide answers that are accurate, specific, and helpful. Unlike tools that only analyze individual calls or emails, SetSail AI looks across the entirety of your data to  surface the most useful insights.

In addition to prepping reps for prospect calls, SetSail AI can help managers get ready for forecast calls or pipeline reviews. Without leaving Slack, they can get answers to questions like:

  • What deals should we focus on?
  • What deals are closing soon, but are only single-threaded?
  • Which reps need help, and on which deals?
  • Which reps don’t have enough pipeline coverage?
“Generative AI has enormous potential to help sales teams be more efficient and effective, but it shouldn’t require extra steps to access,” said SetSail Chief Product Officer and co-founder, Bert Lui. “That’s why we’ve made SetSail AI accessible where most salespeople are working every day: Slack.”

SetSail AI is available in Slack for all customers in Early Access. You can request to join the program here.