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SetSail Launches Signal-Based Selling to Empower Managers and Motivate Sellers

Haggai Levi
Co-Founder and CEO at SetSail
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At SetSail, our goal has always been: how can we change sales behaviors to increase productivity? From my time at Google and from working with our customers at SetSail, we’ve learned that the best way to do that is with a combination of exceptional 1:1 coaching and improved motivation through incentives.

That’s why we’re proud to announce the launch of our Signal-Based Selling platform. This new solution combines coaching dashboards with automated SPIFFs in a single experience.

Why Signals?

There are plenty of sales dashboards and gamification tools out there. What sets our platform apart is what it tracks and rewards — signals. Activity alone doesn’t tell us much about how a rep is performing or whether a deal is progressing. Focusing just on activity, then, doesn’t make sense.

Instead, we track and incentivize signals. A signal is an indicator of deal success, like “Email received from VP+” or “Pricing discussed with a decision-maker.” Signals can show if reps are multithreading, reaching their ICP, or using the right messaging, for instance.

Signal-Based Coaching

Our new Signal-Based Selling platform gives managers complete visibility into the signals that matter most to them. Once a manager chooses their signals, they can see how each rep is performing on them. This helps identify the specific areas where a rep needs coaching.

We also show the signals that each deal has (or hasn’t) hit. Managers can check if a deal is multi-threaded, has a champion, or if pricing has been discussed, for instance. That helps them identify deals at risk and understand exactly what needs to happen next. This level of visibility empowers managers to be better, more effective sales coaches.

Visibility alone is only half the battle, though. Managers also need a way to turn those insights into action. We do that through targeted SPIFFs.

Signal-Based Incentives

SPIFFs have traditionally been based on activity volume. For example: the rep with the most dials at the end of the week gets a gift card.

But that doesn’t tell us anything about the quality of those calls, much less the results they yielded. That’s why traditional SPIFFs don’t increase revenue; just busywork.

Our new Signal-Based Selling platform uses signals instead of activity. The result is more targeted, more effective SPIFFs. Managers use the platform to set up contests that automatically reward reps for achieving the signals they care about most.

Reps earn points in real time through a Chrome Extension that sits in their inbox and CRM. This keeps them focused on best practices and behaviors, and it improves motivation with monetary rewards and friendly competition. Reps can even cash out their winnings directly through the extension.

This additional layer of motivation generates a massive increase in productivity, with customers like Gong and Productboard reporting an average 15x ROI on traditional sales incentives and a 16% increase in rep productivity.

Try out Signal-Based Selling for yourself in our new Guided Tour, or book a demo for a personalized walkthrough!