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Product Marketing at SetSail
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Revenue leaders in search of sales technology have no shortage of options. With over 1,000 solutions across 45 categories, the sales technology landscape has exploded in recent years. Sales coaching software like Gong have taken the market by storm, and sales engagement platforms like Outreach and Salesloft have become new industry standards. With such a wealth of options, it’s hard to know what technology is worth investing in. Revenue leaders need to know what makes something a top sales tool of 2021.

The 2021 Sales Technology Landscape

Enter: Nancy Nardin, founder of Smart Selling Tools. To help revenue leaders make sense of this busy market, Nancy has been tracking every company and every category over the years. The result is her annual Sales Technology Landscape infographic, which shows the sheer tonnage of tools that sales has at its disposal.

Sales Technology Landscape 2021

While undeniably helpful, the landscape can be intimidating and downright confusing. That's why Nancy takes it a step further and cuts through the noise to highlight the top sales tools every year. For her 2021 iteration of the Top Sales Tools Guide, she singled out SetSail for pioneering a new category called Revenue Execution.

Introducing: Revenue Execution

Revenue Execution is a new kind of sales technology. According to Nancy, “Revenue Execution is about showing your reps the statistically proven ways to win” and “incentivizing them with a new 3rd bucket of compensation known as micro-incentives.”

This combination of insights and incentives is a novel concept in the sales technology space. By aligning revenue teams around the customer, Revenue Execution platforms “motivate excellence through small wins that lead to bigger deals and better customer experience.” You can read SetSail’s full entry into the Top Sales Tools Guide here.

Cover page of SetSail's entry in the Top Sales Tools Guide of 2021

Why SetSail is a “Top Sales Tool of 2021”

SetSail was named a Top Sales Tool of 2021 not only for its role in pioneering this new category, but for its results. Among its customer base — which includes Cisco, Pendo, and HubSpot — SetSail has improved quota attainment by 16%. Ramp times have also decreased by 33%, and customers see a 15x ROI on sales incentives. Finally, SetSail’s sales data solution has proven to be 97% accurate in its data collection and mapping.

To learn more about SetSail, request a demo and one of our sales experts will be in touch. In the meantime, you can check out the full report here.