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SetSail Introduces Partner Program with Free Tool That Helps Salesforce Agencies Accelerate Pipeline

Sam Hillestad
Product Marketing at SetSail
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SetSail partners are able to white label the CRM Health Grader for free, giving prospects instant insights into their Salesforce data.

Today we announced our new partner program that enables Salesforce and RevOps agencies to white label SetSail’s CRM Health Grader, a powerful tool that analyzes prospects’ Salesforce instances for missing data.

Early partners are using the CRM Health Grader to generate leads and accelerate their sales process. SetSail creates a unique instance of the CRM Health Grader for every partner — which includes the partner’s branding — giving agencies their own tool to analyze prospect CRMs in real time.

The CRM Health Grader finds and scores prospects’ biggest sales data challenges so they can prioritize their most pressing sales data issues. SetSail partner agencies are uniquely positioned to help solve the data gaps exposed by the CRM Health Grader, helping them accelerate their service offerings.

"My experience with SetSail's CRM Health Grader has been very positive. It's effortless to run, and the visualizations make it easy to digest. In fact, I find it more user-friendly than alternatives,” said Chris Fezza, CEO of Admin Within. “It can work as a jumping off point to larger discussions around data quality work that may be needed, because without good data, how can a company make good decisions?" 

By partnering with SetSail, agencies receive:

  • A unique, branded version of the CRM Health Grader.
  • Marketing materials and onboarding support to get up-and-running fast.
  • Priority in co-marketing activities, like features and backlinks in the SetSail newsletter and blog.

"SetSail's CRM Health Grader is a perfect way to engage our existing and new customers in a real conversation about how to tangibly improve their CRM,” said Nate Strong, Founder & CEO of StrongCRM. “The insights that it provides are key to starting off client engagements on the right foot and gives us a glimpse into pain points that our clients may be experiencing."

Request access to SetSail’s Partner Program here.