Candice Coots
Content Marketing at SetSail
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Sales Prospecting: The Coaching Signals You’re Missing

Kaeli Finlayson, SDR Manager at Productboard, and Alex Greer, Sr. Director of Sales Operations & Sales Development at SetSail, recently teamed up to present the virtual Sales 3.0 Conference keynote.

The duo walks you through the Signal-Based Selling approach that drives their teams' success.

 Watch the Keynote Video On-Demand

Learn more about why Signal-Based Selling works, including how to:

Transform insights into true deal progress and rep performance
SetSail analyzes your historical sales data to find the signals that lead to success. Its library of 400+ signals ensure the results are specific to your sales process.

Empower managers with real-time visibility
Coach reps based on the signals that matter most, and track deal milestones to see exactly where your deals stand and what needs to happen next.

Motivate reps with smart SPIFFs
Keep reps motivated with friendly competition, and use targeted incentives to focus them on the specific behaviors that lead to revenue.