Sam Hillestad
Product Marketing at SetSail
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SetSail, the Revenue Execution Platform for Sales, has made its ROI Calculator public to share the financial impact of its technology. By boosting rep productivity with automated sales programs and micro-incentives, and by removing the need for manual data entry, the average sales organization can expect an ROI of over 17x with SetSail.

“We’ve always known that the impact of our approach to revenue execution would be immense,” said CEO Haggai Levi. “We’ve been thrilled with the results of our current customers, and we’ve now reached a critical mass of customers and data such that we’re able to confidently share the return on investment that future customers can expect. That’s why we’re making our ROI calculator publicly available for the first time.”

Try the calculator for yourself and learn more below!

SetSail ROI Calculator in Action

Impact from more productive reps

Reps using SetSail are 15% more productive on average. Their increased productivity comes from an AI-powered selling guide, more effective incentives, and better coaching. SetSail identifies the moments that lead to sales and rewards reps for achieving them. The platform also empowers managers to track these moments so they can coach their reps on the metrics that matter rather than on basic activity data.

Impact from less manual data entry

Reps also save 2 hours per week on average. SetSail automatically unifies and enriches sales data, so reps don’t waste time manually inputting it into their CRM. Calls, emails, meetings, and more are all captured by SetSail. Contacts are also enriched with data like email address, title, department, persona, LinkedIn URL, and more. These time-savings add up and allow reps to refocus their time on what they do best: selling and closing deals.

Sample Calculation of SetSail ROI

SetSail’s ROI Calculator uses 5 straightforward inputs:

  1. Number of reps using the platform
  2. Average OTE of those reps
  3. Average quota of those reps
  4. Average quota attainment of those reps
  5. Annual SPIFF budget per rep

Using the U.S. averages for OTE, quota, and quota attainment of AEs, the impact of SetSail for 100 reps comes to $6.7M due to more productive reps and $581K due to time saved. With 100 licenses and a SPIFF budget that is 2% of OTE (best practice), the cost comes to $420K.

In that case, the total impact is $7.3M and the investment is $420K, which comes to an ROI for the average sales organization of over 17x.

You can try out the calculator for yourself here, or to see firsthand how the SetSail platform works, you can schedule a demo with a SetSail revenue execution expert.