Bert Lui
Co-founder and Chief Product Officer at SetSail
Table of contents:

We’re proud to announce that we’ve launched our latest module, SetSail Collect, to solve the data hygiene problem for sales organizations and to eliminate manual data entry for sales reps. We’ve been thrilled with the early results we’ve seen from key customers.

SetSail Collect works by capturing, cleansing, and enriching sales data to ensure your CRM is always complete and up to date. As a result, you have more contacts to work with, you know more about those contacts, and you have complete visibility into all your interactions with them. Best of all, reps are freed from the burden of manual data entry, allowing them to get back to what they do best — closing deals.

No missing data, no manual data entry

SetSail Collect captures every interaction a sales rep has. Collect will identify as much information as possible for every phone call, email, and meeting. For instance, Collect will automatically log when a meeting occurs, identify all attendees, and create new contacts if any of them aren’t already a contact.

SetSail Collect also enriches data to give you a fuller picture of sales activity. It works by using third-party data providers to add job titles, emails, phone numbers. We’ve been very pleased with the results our customers are seeing, including an average of 52% more contacts and 23% more “contact completeness” (e.g. more contacts with titles and functions).

Optimized for privacy and security

We built SetSail Collect from the bottom-up with privacy and security as top priorities. Personally identifiable information and personal emails are automatically excluded from Collect, and all data is encrypted in SetSail’s SOC 2 Type 2 and GDPR compliant environment.

We also optimized Collect for configurability. The filters and logic that Collect uses are all readily available and easy to change. These filters can be customized by role (BDR vs. AE), team (US vs. Germany), and even individual users. Filters can also exclude internal and personal email domains and redact sensitive email content.

Accurate data mapping (finally)

SetSail Collect was purpose-built to map every contact and interaction to the appropriate account or opportunity. For instance, it can detect when there are multiple accounts for the same customer and multiple contacts for the same person and still map correctly. Our data scientist will also tailor the mapping to the specific needs of your business, but the rest of the process is completely automated.

Bringing it all together

Last but not least, SetSail Collect writes everything back to the company’s CRM or any other database you might want. The process is entirely automatic, so you can sit back and enjoy the benefits of a CRM that is clean and always up to date.

The SetSail Collect module works seamlessly with SetSail’s other modules: Discover and Accelerate. After Collect captures and enriches data, SetSail Discover identifies which activities led to historical deal progress, and SetSail Accelerate uses that information to build an incentives program that motivates reps to focus on specific areas that drive deal progress and close deals. You can learn more about these additional models by getting in touch with us.

Ultimately, we built SetSail Collect to ensure sales teams are operating with the highest quality, most accurate data possible. SetSail Collect is now universally available. You can learn more about SetSail Collect at or you can see for yourself how it works with a free demo.