SetSail vs. Einstein Activity Capture | Sales Activity Tracking Software Comparison

SetSail and Einstein Activity Capture both do sales activity data capture and are both used for sales activity tracking. The main difference is in how configurable they are, and in how they handle reporting and data retention. Read on to learn more.

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What’s the Difference Between SetSail and Einstein Activity Capture? 

SetSail is built specifically for enterprise teams that want a custom sales data capture solution. SetSail provides complete and accurate sales data from across the go-to-market tech stack. 

Einstein Activity Capture is a basic option, often more suitable for commercial teams who are new to Salesforce or aren’t as concerned with data accuracy and completeness.

Top 3 Reasons Sales Teams Choose SetSail


SetSail is 100% customizable to your unique sales process 

SetSail’s data capture is configured to the mapping logic and rules designated by the customer. Every contact, email, and meeting is written to the correct account or opportunity and enriched with the appropriate details and metrics.


SetSail makes it easy to report on sales activity data 

SetSail captures and writes data in a standardized format so it’s easily accessible and reportable. Customers can report on their sales data within Salesforce, the SetSail App, using SetSail AI, or in their data lake.

Einstein Activity Capture has historically stored data outside of Salesforce, so customers have had trouble running reports or easily accessing it.


With SetSail, you own your data and keep your data if you switch platforms.

SetSail makes it easy to access and transfer your data. You always own your data with SetSail.

Users of Einstein Activity Capture have had concerns about how they handle data. Specifically, concerns have been voiced about storing data in AWS, and only for 24 months, and that if you change platforms, you lose all your data.

What our customers say

Data is the heart of a high velocity SaaS and subscription business. SetSail creates a healthy data foundation that drives forecast, demand generation, and insight across the business.

Jason Mead

VP, Global Revenue Operations

We now have a clear view of all activities and their impact. We can easily identify which sales team members are working hard to lead to long-term engagement and success.

Scott Allison

VP of sales

We now have visibility into performance and activities that we would never be able to leverage without SetSail.

Scott H. Edmunds

founding team, cro

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