SetSail Discover

Know what “good” looks like for your sales teams.

Find the specific rep behaviors you should track and reinforce to drive more revenue.

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Go beyond cookie-cutter — see what works for you

SetSail Discover uses a proprietary, AI-powered “signals engine” to analyze your historical sales data. Clients get a custom report of the behaviors that set their top performers apart.

The analysis goes beyond a one-size-fits-all approach to spot specific activity types, behaviors, milestones, and metrics that lead to revenue for each sales team.

Customers can find new personas to target, learn fresh best practices, identify novel metrics to track, and more.

Know what wins, so you can do what wins

Use what you learn with SetSail Discover to track and improve rep behaviors.

Monitor your most important metrics in the SetSail Targets dashboard so you can provide targeted coaching and improve performance across the board.

Or, write everything back to Salesforce where you can track and report on the leading indicators you know drive revenue.

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SetSail Discover is built on complete and accurate data, so the insights are unique to you and based on data you can trust.

SetSail Discover is available now to any Salesforce user.