Know what’s working in your sales process

SetSail Discover leverages machine learning to analyze customer interactions and uncover what’s driving progress in your deals.

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Go beyond typical rep activity tracking

Sales activity is only part of the picture. SetSail analyzes customer behavior to measure your reps on what really matters: actual deal progress.

Hundreds of data signals built-in

Unlike most machine learning technologies, SetSail includes a library of hundreds of buying signals out of the box to immediately track and measure what’s working.

Keep a pulse on your pipeline

No one likes risk in their pipeline. By measuring actual deal progress, SetSail lets you know which deals are at risk, helping managers know where to focus their attention.

Uncover the best practices of your top reps

Replicating the success of your top-performing reps can seem impossible. SetSail finds exactly what they’re doing right, letting you compare reps against those benchmarks and unlock their true potential.

Designed for action

Sales intelligence is good but action drives revenue. SetSail’s machine learning technology was purpose-built to scale best practices across your team and continuously reinforce better sales habits.

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