Unlock the Full Power of SetSail

Connect to your CRM and data warehouse, find productivity patterns, and run smarter contests

CRM writeback

Complete your CRM with full writeback

SetSail can automatically write everything it captures back to your CRM. The data is high-quality, enriched with third-party data and signature parsing, and fully configurable to ensure it’s written to the right contact, opportunity, or account.

data warehouse expert

Connect to your data warehouse

SetSail can stream all your sales data to Snowflake, a BI tool, or any other data store. The data can be added to existing reports or leveraged to build custom models, removing the need for tedious integrations and data clean-up.

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Find productivity patterns in your sales data

SetSail can discover the leading indicators of success in your historical deal data. This helps you understand what “good” looks like and how all your reps should be behaving.


Run contests to boost productivity

SetSail can scale your coaching with smart contests. Unlike traditional SPIFFs, SetSail rewards reps for high-impact behaviors rather than simple activity metrics.

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"One of the best things about SetSail is that it collects data around natural rep engagement without manually entering tasks or activities in Salesforce.”

Scott Alison
VP of Sales, SolarWinds