Revenue Intelligence

Know what selling behaviors win and stay on top of reps, deals, and accounts to drive more revenue.

Learn what top reps do

  • Know which behaviors lead to signed contracts with a 12-month lookback analysis.
  • Discover what sets your top-performers apart and how other reps can bridge the gap.
  • Find the specific behaviors that have the biggest impact on revenue in your sales process.

Know if reps are doing the right things

  • Go beyond basic activity metrics and track the behaviors that actually drive revenue for your business.
  • Use the insights you gain from SetSail to tailor the signals you want to track and incentivize.
  • Spot behavioral issues in your reps before they become a problem.

Optimize your sales process

  • Use data-backed signals to identify what’s working in your sales process.
  • Track critical deal milestones so you can have more effective deal reviews and increase win rates.
  • Know which deals need help and how to keep them moving forward.
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What our customers say

We now have a clear view of all activities and their impact. We can easily identify which sales team members are working hard to lead to long-term engagement and success.

Scott Allison

VP of sales

We now have visibility into performance and activity that we would never be able to leverage without SetSail.

Scott Edmunds

CRO, Syncari

Start using revenue intelligence in your sales process.

Don’t just track sales activity — know if reps are doing the right activities.