SetSail for Sales Leaders

Know what works. Drive more sales.

Automatically capture all sales activity in your CRM. See what rep behaviors influence revenue. Focus your team on the actions that matter and replicate winning across your team to drive revenue impact.

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What our customers say

Data is the heart of a high velocity SaaS and subscription business. SetSail creates a healthy data foundation that drives forecast, demand generation, and insight across the business.

Jason Mead

VP, Global Revenue Operations

We now have a clear view of all activities and their impact. We can easily identify which sales team members are working hard to lead to long-term engagement and success.

Scott Allison

VP of sales

SetSail has helped us incentivize the right sales motions for our sales team, allowing us to drive awareness around what actions are most important for them to take in their role.

Mallory Sullivan F.

Director, Program Sales Scaled Sales - NAMER LinkedIn Marketing Solutions

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See what’s happening across your sales team

  • Stop wondering if reps are working on the right things. Get an instant view of all sales activity.
  • Automate data capture from across your go-to-market tech stack, including meetings, and new contacts.
  • Get reps out of manual data entry mode. Keep them focused on the actions that make the biggest impact.
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Know what sales rep activities lead to revenue

  • Identify the signals that set top-performers apart. Get a clear look at the behaviors that drive wins.
  • Improve best practices based on winning activity and roll it out across your team. Boost win rates and deal velocity.
  • Get insights on the full customer life cycle. See how to manage relationships to influence upsell and cross-sell sales motions.

Replicate winning behaviors across your sales team

  • Make your team meetings more impactful. Spend less time catching up on what’s been done, and more time focused on next steps.
  • Build on what works. Onboard and ramp up new reps with proven activities for closing.
  • Track rep progress towards performance improvements and incentivize your team based on impact, not simply volume of activity.
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I have other tools in my tech stack. Why do I need SetSail?

SetSail integrates with all major B2B engagement platforms, including revenue intelligence tools like Gong and Outreach. Used in isolation, most RevOps technology actually creates more silos. SetSail captures sales data from every source and makes it available wherever you need it, so the more tools already in your tech stack, the more data SetSail can collect, centralize, and add insights to!

Is SetSail a forecasting tool?

SetSail can be used to track deal progress and account health, but it is not a dedicated forecasting tool. However, forecasting tools require complete and accurate data to work. As such, most revenue teams who have a forecasting tool also use a data capture and enrichment tool like SetSail.

What data can SetSail automatically log?

SetSail automatically logs all relevant emails, meetings, and contacts back to your CRM. SetSail also writes contact details like job title, job function, email address, and phone number to the contact entity in your CRM.

How is SetSail different from other software?

1. SetSail has better privacy and security controls
2. SetSail has better data quality and accuracy
3. SetSail is more configurable in complex SFDC environment

For SetSail to work, does my data already need to be clean?

No. SetSail can detect missing fields and contacts, as well as inaccuracies in contact and account data, and rectify them before SetSail begins adding new data

What objects and fields does SetSail write?

SetSail writes new emails, calendar meetings, and contacts to SFDC. SetSail also enriches contacts by writing to fields for title, phone number, department, and soon, job level and job function for contacts

Ready to drive up win rates?

Automate accurate sales activity capture and find your team’s success signals.