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Sales AI

Tips and best practices on how to use AI for sales in 2024.

Common questions

Frequently asked questions about AI in sales, data analysis and reporting, and SetSail’s approach.

What is sales AI, and how does it differ from traditional sales approaches?

AI has given sales teams new ways to be more productive and work smarter. Traditionally sales involved a lot of manual work: sending emails, logging data, building dashboards, etc. AI has automated or enhanced many of those tasks. Generative AI in particular has overhauled the workflows of sales teams, from SDRs to CROs.

How can AI improve sales performance?

AI has a lot of potential use cases for improving sales performance. Some of the “classic” examples are AI-written sales emails, chatbots, and automated data logging. More advanced versions of AI can mine data sets to proactively identify deal milestones, account health, and coaching opportunities. With better insights, sales teams can make better decisions, allocate their resources more effectively, and do their jobs with greater efficiency.

What sales data do you need for AI to be effective?

AI on its own is helpful for sales teams, but it’s far more effective when paired with high quality data. The sales teams that are best leveraging AI also have the most complete and accurate internal data. Those companies prioritize having a full history of deals, rep performance, activity data, intent data, and more. With a more complete data set, AI can deliver much better insights, be more accurate, and can provide significantly greater performance gains.

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