SetSail targets

Track, coach, and improve sales performance in one place.

Monitor rep execution with a single dashboard built on the metrics that drive your business.

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View rep achievement at a glance

Set custom targets on the metrics that matter most to you, and immediately see how reps are pacing toward those goals.

Track traditional targets — like bookings and pipeline — alongside leading indicators, like the number of multithreaded opportunities or decision makers engaged.

The metrics, targets, and timeframes are all completely configurable by you.

Coach reps who need it most

Easily stack-rank your reps using a single Performance Score to see who’s getting results and who needs help.

You’ll see exactly which behaviors reps need to improve on, so you can focus your coaching where it’ll have the most impact.

With this visibility, you can deliver targeted feedback that improves rep performance across the board.

Try SetSail Targets Today

SetSail Targets is built on our powerful sales data layer and AI-driven signals engine. That means you can make smart decisions based on complete and accurate data — and insights that matter for your business.

Get immediate visibility into rep performance so you can track, coach, and drive more revenue.