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Modern businesses require revenue operations software to maximize team efficiency and improve their bottom line. However, the truth is that most revenue-driving teams are flying blind with incomplete and ineffective data. 

Even when sales reps spend their valuable time doing manual tasks like data entry instead of selling, only 20-50% of activity data is captured. This leaves team leaders without enough data to make informed decisions about improving team performance.

The good news is that after adopting a revenue operations platform, teams tend to see a 10% increase in lead acceptance, a 15-20% increase in customer satisfaction, and a 10-20% increase in sales productivity. 

The first step to getting these numbers is determining which revenue operations tool fits the needs of your business. 

What exactly is revenue operations software?

Revenue operations software, also known as RevOps software, helps businesses automate and centralize sales data for actionable insights and accurate forecasting. This software typically includes features to help automate data, track sales, and leads, inform sales behavior, assess market trends, predict future revenues, and even optimize pricing strategies. 

A RevOps software system is essential if you’re in a revenue-driving role and want complete visibility into what’s working and not.

11 Best Revenue Operations Software Tools

To help streamline your search, we put together this comprehensive list of all the best revenue operations software on the market.

And yes, we’ve included ourselves on this list. Not only do we genuinely believe in our product, but our customers do too: Check out our top ratings and badges on G2 here or how we were named a Top 10 Sales Technology Solutions by CIO Applications this year. 


SetSail is a revenue operations software that provides complete and actionable sales data to modern revenue teams. With comprehensive and accurate sales data, SetSail can automatically surface insights that identify the most effective sales behaviors so that teams can learn and improve performance. 

The software’s data capture capabilities help companies reduce manual data entry and gain more complete sales data to help make better, more informed decisions. And our team offers excellent customer support and training resources to help teams get up and running as quickly as possible.

Customers see an average of 33% faster ramp times, 16% higher revenue, and 15x ROI on sales programs. Used by top-tier tech companies like Cisco, LinkedIn, and ADP, the SetSail Sales Data hub uses machine learning to help teams detect patterns and gain complete visibility.

Want to see how much sales data you’re missing in your CRM? Get a complimentary Data Gap Assessment.


  • Excellent customer support and training resources to help organizations get the most out of the software
  • Writes data to Salesforce to allow organizations to manage their sales and customer data in one place
  • Helps organizations maximize revenue by improving rep productivity, providing better and more accurate contact information, and automating manual data entry
  • Customers see both improved ramp time and better ROI on sales incentives 


  • Most effective for companies with >50 reps


Book a demo with SetSail to experience complete and actionable sales data automatically


Clari is a revenue operations software that helps organizations better understand their forecasts and pipeline. The Clari platform gathers data from the entire organization—emails and meetings to outbound marketing and conversations. 

Clari rolls up forecasts across every rep, region, overlay, channel, and product line and then uses AI to transform that data into actionable insights.


  • Provides users with a view of their sales pipeline to help manage and optimize the sales process
  • Rep activity tracking features give organizations visibility into what reps are doing daily 


  • It can have a higher learning curve
  • The focus is more on forecasting and less on activity capture, coaching, and intelligence


There is no pricing information on their website


Gong is a sales intelligence and enablement platform that helps organizations improve their performance by providing visibility into rep activity, customer interactions, and pipeline health. 

Gong analyzes your customer-facing interactions across phone and web conferencing to deliver your team insights that help close deals. The software also offers features for coaching and training reps, as well as managing deals and opportunities.


  • Captures and analyzes customer calls to help make data-driven decisions
  • Provides rep activity tracking, customer interaction insights, and pipeline management
  • Works excellently with other revenue operations software such as SetSail
  • Offers a 14-day free trial


  • The focus is on conversational intelligence over other types of customer interactions


There is no pricing information on their website. is another revenue operations platform used by sales teams. helps sales reps understand their customers' needs and wants to create marketing campaigns.


  • Provides visibility into deals
  • Integration with Salesforce
  • Tracks rep metrics over time
  • Shows what activities everyone is doing on the team


  • It can take some time to learn the UI
  • Fewer customization options than competitors
  • Information isn’t always provided in real-time
  • Privacy and security controls aren’t as strong as competitors
  • Issues with data accuracy and completeness
  • Some manual data entry is still required
  • Forecasting isn’t a focus


There is no pricing information on their website


Groove is a platform that supports enterprises' security, scalability, and customization needs using Salesforce or Salesforce Industry Clouds. This revenue operations software helps automate seller workflows by reducing administrative work and creating repeatable sales plays.

Groove leverages AI-driven insights to translate complex data sets into action and increase rep activity.


  • Customizable UI to support a wide variety of use cases and workflows
  • Works with custom objects and data models
  • Helps standardized sales techniques 


  • You need some technical expertise for better usage
  • You may experience occasional log outs
  • Designed for Salesforce users only
  • Still requires some manual data entry 

Pricing: You’ll have to request a demo through their website 

Hubspot Operations Hub

HubSpot Sales Hub is a sales CRM offered by the popular HubSpot marketing platform. Their sales software works to help teams close more deals, deepen customer relationships, and manage their pipeline all on one platform. HubSpot even offers free CRM software to try first. 


  • Syncs your apps, curates customer data, and automates processes to help your systems work better together
  • The marketing tool helps you grow traffic, convert more visitors, and run complete inbound marketing campaigns at scale
  • The sales CRM tool helps you get deeper insights into prospects, automate manual tasks, and close deals faster 


  • Some features are only available on premium plans
  • Mainly for a marketing use case 


  • Free: $0/month 
  • Starter: $45/month
  • Professional: $450/month 
  • Enterprise: $1,200/month 


InsightSquared is a no-code, self-service cloud-based business intelligence (BI) and analytics software that helps sales, marketing, and customer success teams improve performance. It offers an all-in-one platform that includes Salesforce integration, real-time dashboards, goal setting and tracking, and more.


  • It ensures detailed, automatically updated views for the meetings in your sales management system
  • It helps teams identify forecast risks and opportunities for upside in time to change results
  • It captures the rich, unfiltered data from real-time conversations


  • Requires sales management to get the best usage 
  • You can't build your custom chart 

Pricing: Pricing is not listed on their website is a revenue operations software that enables companies to manage their entire revenue process in one place. It helps businesses create high-performers who learn autonomously, exceed buyer expectations, and unlock exponential revenue growth. 

The software helps reps grow, stay in their roles longer, and hit more quotas. It also gives reps the insights to engage with the right person at the right time. 


  • Provides live call insights and analytics in real-time
  • Simple, easy-to-use user interface 
  • Offers a free trial of their services


  • You can’t try out all their features in their free trial 
  • Some call-back features are missing

Pricing: There is no pricing information on their website


ChartMogul is a cloud-based subscription analytics platform that helps companies track, analyze, and visualize recurring revenue. The software collects and enriches subscription data to have a single source of truth for all your metrics so you can explore and optimize them. 

It’s designed to quickly drill down into all parts of the data platform, from individual customer events to the underlying datasets on which everything sits.


  • Automate the reporting of key subscription metrics
  • Grow recurring revenue faster with data-informed decisions
  • Attain better accuracy with data cleaning tools


  • Some features are only available on the paid plans
  • Pricing can be expensive for smaller or mid-sized companies


  • Scale: Starts at $50/month
  • Volume: Starts at $15k/year


Troops is a Salesforce-integrated artificial intelligence (AI) platform that helps sales teams increase productivity. It provides users with intelligent alerts, CRM insights, and inline editing that help revenue teams drive more revenue with productivity and collaboration. It offers features such as email tracking, meeting scheduling, and more. 

The software helps people collaborate, update their CRM, and take action from wherever they are, all within Slack or Teams.


  • Sends alerts to all the right people in Slack and MS Teams 
  • Brings the CRM to where your team already works to make updates convenient
  • Jump-starts collaboration to keep everyone aligned


  • Individual notifications can be overwhelming and not necessary for team success
  • Actions can seem redundant with what Salesforce already offers 


You have to contact them for pricing

Salesforce Einstein Activity Capture 

Within Salesforce, sales teams can use Salesforce Einstein Activity Capture. Einstein Activity Capture helps keep data between Salesforce and email and calendar applications up to date. Einstein Activity Capture focuses on capturing three types of data—emails, events, and contacts—which are taken from a connected Microsoft or Google account and stored using Salesforce’s Amazon Web Services (AWS) infrastructure.

For example, emails that Einstein Activity Capture users send and receive are captured and automatically added to the activity timeline of the related account, contact, lead, or opportunity records. Events also get added automatically to the appropriate activity timeline.


  • Integrates well with other Salesforce platforms
  • Provides  updated information between applications 
  • Data generates engagement details and usage insights


  • Your Google G Suite account or Microsoft® Exchange-based server must meet specific system requirements
  • Einstein Activity Capture has differences in functionality depending on which version you use
  • If you have Standard Einstein Activity Capture users, Einstein Email Insights isn’t on by default, and you can't create custom email insights
  • The captured data is added to the timeline of related Salesforce records and is used to generate insights, but not used to create Salesforce records
  • No added insights or signal data
  • Activity is sometimes not captured or written back correctly


  • Pricing for Einstein Activity Capture depends on what Salesforce tools you are currently using, what API has been purchased, and what edition you have

RevOps Software Typically Includes These Features

Automated activity data capture

Tracking and updating activity data manually is a time-consuming and error-prone process. With RevOps software, you can automatically track and update activity data in real-time without human error. 

Whether it’s emails, meetings, Zoom calls, Outreach emails, Gong recordings, or other sales engagement data, with the right RevOps software, you won’t have to worry about missing customer information again, and sales leaders don’t have to chase down their teams to log every detail.

Integration abilities

The best RevOps software tools should allow you to connect your data in a single place to get a complete picture of your business and make better decisions.

SetSail’s integrations include Gong, Salesforce, Snowflake, and other CRM and BI tools – so it can securely and privately capture, enrich, and map your sales data from every source. 

Actionable insights

You can make better decisions about your sales, marketing, and customer success strategies with actionable insights. 

For example, SetSail’s real-time dashboards give you visibility into your entire revenue process using machine learning to extract buying signals and productivity patterns. You can identify bottlenecks, drive successful behaviors, and see what actions reps need to take to improve sales metrics.

Data hygiene support

Duplicate, inaccurate, or incomplete data leads to reps wasting time searching for the correct information.

Revenue operations platforms prioritizing clean data can help you automate processes, improve collaboration, and reduce errors. 

Security & privacy 

Revenue Operation leaders control a large tech stack between marketing, sales, and customer success operations that needs protection from unauthorized access. 

Choosing the best revenue operations software

The best way to determine the best revenue operations software for your team is to book a demo with a few tools to see what they can offer and whether they can customize them to fix your needs.

Schedule a demo to see how SetSail can support your revenue operations team.