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SetSail Launches AI-Powered Solution to Show Revenue Leaders “What Good Looks Like” For Their Sales Teams

Sam Hillestad
Product Marketing at SetSail
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SetSail Discover analyzes activity data to find the specific rep behaviors that leaders should track and reinforce to drive more revenue.

Today we launched SetSail Discover to help leaders know which specific behaviors set their top-performing reps apart and drive more revenue. 

SetSail Discover uses industry-leading data capture to centralize sales activity data from across go-to-market teams and tools. SetSail then analyzes that data to identify the specific behaviors that have the biggest impact on revenue in the client’s unique sales process.

Here's how it works: 

The analysis provides insights that would have otherwise gone untapped. For instance:

  • A SetSail customer found that their top-performing SDRs send emails with videos 56% more often than everyone else.
  • Another analysis found that their top reps actually send fewer emails, but get more responses and meetings completed.
  • Yet another uncovered a specific persona that top AEs engaged with far more than the rest of the team.

“Revenue leaders need to replicate the results of their top performers, but they rarely know which behaviors actually drive success for them,” said Danny Pan, Head of Data Science at SetSail. “They’re often relying on assumptions and ‘best practices’ based on what they’ve always done. SetSail Discover offers a new way of doing things: identify the specific activities and milestones that actually generate wins in their own sales process.”

SetSail Discover uses a proprietary, AI-powered “signals engine” to analyze historical sales data through a 12-month lookback. Clients receive a custom report of what “good” looks like for them, including details on the winning behaviors, metrics, and milestones correlated with the customer’s success criteria.

SetSail Discover goes beyond one-size-fits-all approaches to spot linkages between sales results and specific winning behaviors. It organizes these behaviors into ‘themes’, like multi-threading or partner selling. Plus, it spots key activity types, like meetings with certain personas or emails about particular topics, such as pricing. 

SetSail can then recommend which metrics and milestones sales leadership should monitor in SetSail’s Targets dashboard, where they can see their reps’ leading indicators of success. Alternatively, SetSail can write those metrics back to Salesforce where sales leaders can track and report on their most important metrics.

SetSail Discover is available now to any Salesforce user.

Apply to receive a Discover analysis here.