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SetSail Launches GPT Integration to Give Revenue Leaders AI-Powered Insights Into Sales Data

Sam Hillestad
Product Marketing at SetSail
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Our GPT integration enables go-to-market and RevOps leaders to get answers from their sales data about how to increase revenue.

Today we announced the beta launch of new capabilities powered by GPT. By combining GPT’s powerful language models with SetSail’s ability to capture and centralize complex sales data, customers will be able to get instant answers and intelligence to drive more revenue.

“The keys to increasing revenue are locked in sales data that’s spread across teams and tools,” said Haggai Levi, CEO of SetSail and former Google executive. “Our new AI-powered innovation lets revenue leaders interrogate their sales data — regardless of its source. With instant answers to vital sales questions, leaders know what works, where to focus effort, and do what wins.”

SetSail captures data from across the go-to-market tech stack — including email, calendars, sales engagement tools, conversation intelligence software, and more. SetSail organizes and makes the data available wherever customers want it: in Salesforce, the SetSail App, or the customer’s own data lake.

With its new AI-powered interface, the solution enables customers to explore their sales data intuitively. Users can get answers about their sales data in real time, without having to spend hours creating custom dashboards or crunching numbers.

Real-time insights help revenue teams take immediate action. For example, leaders can ask “How many meetings does my team have with VPs this week?” then make sure their reps are well-prepared for critical meetings. Or revenue operations teams can ask, “What are top-performing reps doing differently than everyone else?” then make immediate sales process improvements. 

Users will be able to ask additional questions on top of initial answers, letting them drill deeper into their sales data than ever before. They can save queries and charts — and return to the results as sales data is continually refreshed.

The private beta is now available for a limited number of businesses. Apply for the beta here.