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SetSail Launches Next-Gen Infrastructure to Enable Up to 50% Faster Performance and 100x More Sales Data Processing Power

Sam Hillestad
Product Marketing at SetSail
Table of contents:

Improvements include advancements to the data model, backend architecture, and data pipeline to help revenue teams solve their most complex sales data challenges.

Today we launched a next-gen infrastructure that will power sales data processing for even the largest enterprises.

Successful revenue organizations use sales data to improve rep performance, enhance forecasting, and turn more deals into closed-won business. But the sheer volume of data — especially in large, distributed, and sophisticated enterprises — is incredibly difficult to centralize and interpret. 

SetSail was engineered to manage even the largest, most complex data sets by capturing and analyzing sales data from across the go-to-market tech stack. And now, with the latest improvements of the platform’s backend, SetSail continues to deliver on that promise. 

“We designed SetSail’s infrastructure from the ground-up to handle the unique requirements of the most complex revenue organizations,” said Co-Founder and Chief Technology Officer Majed Itani. “Our new infrastructure doubles down on that mission. With a smarter data model, greater configurability, and a more efficient data pipeline, SetSail can address the most vexing sales data challenges even more effectively.”

The most significant backend advancements include:

  • More intelligent data model: SetSail’s data model has been updated to support next generation services, like new GPT integrations that allow AI-powered insights into your sales data. The improved model normalizes complex data sets, making SetSail “data source agnostic” and enabling quicker, more accurate, and more sophisticated integrations with new data sources.
  • Faster, more scalable data processing: SetSail’s infrastructure now includes incremental processing, so less data actually needs to be processed to run the data pipeline. As a result, SetSail can process up to 100x more data, and the pipeline speed has increased by up to 50%. 
  • Improved sales data interpretation: SetSail’s backend architecture has been enhanced to support new enterprise-grade data challenges. SetSail can now accurately and efficiently handle even the most sophisticated data challenges of enterprise selling teams. For instance, SetSail can correctly track and attribute activities across multiple reps or complex ownership structures where many different roles need to be coordinated. 

To see how these advances could help you solve your sales data challenges, find out where your data gaps are using SetSail’s CRM Health Grader. It’s a free, browser-based tool to find and fix your biggest CRM data challenges.

Supporting enterprise needs, all customer data has client-side and server-side encryption. SetSail’s backend includes customer buckets for even greater security and flexibility.