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Revenue operations (RevOps) trends are ever changing. While now it’s a relatively common term for data-forward modern businesses, it hasn’t always been that way. 

Maybe you already have a RevOps team, or you’re fresh and eager to find more ways to drive revenue. No matter where you are, you’ll move forward by learning the latest RevOps trends for 2022 to follow. 

1. Increased use of machine learning and AI to collect data and provide actionable insights 

Decision-making is only as good as the data that goes into it. Incomplete or inaccurate data, then, directly hurts your business.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and machine learning help you get the clean data you need to take your next leap. And, you’ll save a lot of time and money using it. 

Why use machine learning for data collection and analysis? It’s one of our RevOps trends for 2022 because it’s:

  • Quick & optimized: Imagine how much data you need to sift through to find actionable insights — customer communications, ecommerce, and third-party purchases, transaction types, etc. AI saves you weeks of time by collecting and analyzing it all for you automatically. For example, our Sales Data Hub finds sales data from every source and writes it back to your CRM, removing the need for manual data entry.
  • Relevant: Not all data is equal, and businesses have lots of data they can’t use. AI filters out anything irrelevant, so you don’t have to. (We’ll cover this in more detail later.)
  • Informs pricing: How do you know how much a customer is willing to pay? How do you keep your prices low enough to beat competitors and accommodate customers, but high enough to scale? Machine learning analyzes competitors, supply and demand, and sales data to quantify optimal pricing. 

Deployed correctly, AI can be a force multiplier for your professional RevOps team.

2. More Revenue Operations job positions

Investing in RevOps brings unparalleled value, so companies are enhancing their teams with more RevOps positions and support. Just type “RevOps jobs USA” into Google — you’ll see lots of career opportunities. 

You might see roles and responsibilities like: 

  • RevOps Director: Sets quotas, maintains external and internal relationships, leads change management to optimize revenue, and recommends team changes to optimize productivity.
  • RevOps Vice President: Establishes processes and systems, develops new vision and strategies, and inspires top-down. 
  • RevOps Chief Revenue Officer (CRO): Unifies systems across departments (sales, customer success, finance), strategizes pricing, and grows the company’s revenue through talent, data, and technology.

Leadership is a vital component of the field. That’s why you’ll notice a chain of command in positions, from analyst and manager to director and VP. There are many exciting RevOp job prospects this year, and it’s only growing. 

At SetSail, our entire team dedicates our time, skills, and innovations to help empower the modern RevOps team to maximize your organization’s revenue using clean data and actionable sales insights. And our RevOps leaders drive this success. 

3. Growth of RevOps technology and a technical focus in the role

RevOps leaders are under a lot of pressure to improve results and sell more products and services. And while growing the team is important, it can be time consuming and expensive. But there is another option: improving the productivity of existing sales reps through better technology. 

Today’s RevOps’ tech stack must bring value and clear insights that you can take decisive action on. Technology is paramount to modern revenue teams that value full data visibility, faster ramp times, better communication, and improved sales ROI.

SetSail CEO Haggai Levi expands on this trend: “Companies must change their traditional ideas of sales data gathering and processing that’s largely based on self-reporting, where sales reps are expected to manually enter data into their CRMs. That is the equivalent of using fax during the internet era. There are systems and technology in place that can completely automate the entire interaction between the reps and their customers.”

At SetSail, our Sales Data Hub uses machine learning and automation to centralize immense amounts of data points across all engagement platforms.  

You can view that data in SetSail’s dashboards or your CRM, where you can more easily detect:

  • Productivity patterns
  • High-value activities
  • Trends in rep performance

We can also enhance your RevTech stack through powerful add-ons, like: 

  • Smart Contests: Incentives for your reps that reward lead-converting behaviors. 
  • Success patterns: Our powerful AI assesses historical sales data to provide real-life examples for your team to strive for
  • Streamlining data: Our RevTech can stream sales data to your CRM or BI tools like Snowflake. The data is written to the correct account or opportunity and enriched with additional contact data — no manual data entry required!

4. Deeper focus on customer acquisition security & privacy 

Customer Acquisition Security (CAS) is one of the most vital RevOps trends in 2022. With an uptick in fake accounts, it's become necessary to eliminate faulty data and insights gathered from fraudulent users.

A similar concern in Revenue Operations for 2022 is customer privacy. Cybersecurity assurances have become essential as a safeguard against businesses selling or accessing private data. 

That’s why it’s vital to use data-first solution providers like SetSail, which is SOC 2 Type 2 certified and GDPR compliant with enterprise-grade encryption. Customers will feel at ease knowing any potentially sensitive information will automatically be excluded from collection. 

5. More (and better) collaboration between teams 

One of the biggest challenges for RevOps teams is to ensure all departments are in alignment in a business revenue strategy. 

That means coordinating communications, data, and collaboration across all departments—not just go-to-market teams, but finance and product too.

Imagine launching a new upsell strategy on existing customers, only to find out they haven’t opened your emails in weeks. Or sending a holiday basket to a customer without realizing they’ve churned.

Businesses need alignment across every division to function and to optimize RevOps goals. 

One way to achieve such alignment is using SetSail’s Sales Data Hub to close data gaps across departments. The key? Integrations — Setsail connects all customer engagement tools to extract relevant data and share across your organization. That way, everyone is in the know. 

6. Cleaner data 

It’s always useful to examine historical trends. Seeing what worked and didn’t in the past helps us inform the future. Except technology and customer behaviors are constantly changing,and not all data is good data. 

Today’s RevOps teams can’t rely solely on old or incomplete data to inform present operations. 

That’s why 2022’s RevOps trends will see a stronger focus on cleaner data. By clean data, we mean:

  • Identifying and removing incorrect or irrelevant data
  • Avoiding duplicate data
  • Including necessary context for solo or incomplete data

The result?

  • Improved ROI
  • Better-informed business decisions
  • Strategic customer targeting

7. Further prioritization of lead routing

Which customers and prospects are more likely to buy specific products? Which will subscribe versus purchase one specific product? Lead routing prioritization helps you identify your most promising leads and target them, instead of broadly targeting everyone. 

Lead routing is the process of sales representatives receiving lead assignments automatically. Lead routing prioritization uses key data points about specific customers, like purchase history, to target the most profitable leads.

8. Signal-Based selling

A data point alone isn’t enough to create actionable insights. But important accompanying details — like sentiment, department, and topic — give businesses the context they need to focus on the important details and maximize a potential sale. 

This leads us to one of this year’s most prominent RevOps trends: Signal-Based Selling. Signal-Based Selling is a new way to focus sales on your customer’s world. It transforms your data into better sales behaviors by combining customer buying signals and smart employee rewards in one connected experience. 

Your teams start to do a better job around the small wins that lead to the big win. They know exactly what to do to sell higher, to engage more complex buying units, or to use the right message. The result is a more focused and engaged sales team, faster time to revenue, and a better relationship with the customer.

SetSail CEO Levi explains: “In any company, about 10 percent of sales reps are phenomenal sales people. The rest are the ones that typically need help in modifying their behavior at scale. For instance, let’s say that I know from my data that engaging with a C-level executive in a company is critical to closing the deal. To this end, our signal-based selling tool [SetSail] allows me to reward the rep if they engage with the executive. This sort of behavior-led incentivization approach allows the sales leader to influence that 90 percent of reps.”

Other benefits include: 

  • Higher ACV: You’ll understand your customer better and employees will have incentives to push higher-value products. 
  • Improved customer engagement with less popular products: Businesses will find efficiencies and ways to market less popular offerings. 
  • Enthusiastic sales team: Representatives will feel more confident with key customer info and more engaged with incentives.

9. Focus on overall customer experience 

RevOps considers multiple departments, including customer success and experience. This year will see a big shift toward collecting and analyzing customer data points to enhance their experience. Machine learning can then help businesses learn how to deliver consistently satisfactory experiences to keep customers buying. 

Customer experience excellence includes: 

  • Personalization
  • Time and effort
  • Resolutions
  • Empathy
  • Integrity
  • Expectations

It’s all about providing solutions over products—in other words, solving a customer’s problem with every sale. One of our most popular integration partners, Salesforce, is focusing its strategy to reflect customer requests and opinions in its product roadmap. 

Here at SetSail, our team of professionals supports our client base with these four values: 

  • Do the right thing: We constantly strive to improve customer business results and channel transparency through the wins and losses. 
  • Be open and honest: Our organization doesn’t grow without questioning the status quo. That’s why we encourage our team to give feedback and engage with thoughtful discourse to improve. 
  • Focus on results: Our outcomes speak louder than our facetime and effort. Our customers know we’re accountable as we always try to improve their experience and our tech stack. 
  • Take a big breath: We can only show up for our customers if we show up for ourselves. We value community and helping our staff balance other life priorities to deliver and feel good along the way. 

These values in action helped us achieve national recognition in our customer experience. This Spring, we were proud to be recognized by G2 as the “Easiest to do Business With.”

Biggest trend in RevOps this year?

There are lots of exciting RevOps trends this year, but from better customer experiences to privacy and security to better collaboration all comes together with one trend: the growth of RevOps technology. 

With automation, machine learning, and clean data analysis, businesses can better optimize sales data into tangible business strategies with growing RevOps teams. 

Ready to access end-to-end visibility into your sales data? Real-time, actionable insights await your bustling sales team. All you have to do is book a demo — we’d be delighted to work with you!