Candice Coots
Content Marketing at SetSail
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As Revenue Leaders, we are in the midst of an accelerated shift to digital. It creates unprecedented opportunities for better insights and automation across every part of the business. Revenue teams, in particular, are getting better at listening to customers. Marketing can now detect intent signals. Customer success - churn signals. Product - adoption signals. When it comes to Sales, there’s no shortage of data, but our guidance is still based on intuition and lagging indicators.

Signal-Based Selling is a new way to focus sales on your customer’s world. It transforms your data into better sales behaviors by combining customer buying signals and smart employee rewards in one connected experience. Your teams start to do a better job around the small wins that lead to their big win. They know exactly what to do to sell higher, to engage more complex buying units, or to use the right message. The result is a more focused and engaged sales team, faster time to revenue, and a better relationship with the customer.

Why does the approach work? Simple. It solves your last mile problem - defining and reinforcing key behaviors at scale. For the first time, Signal-Based Selling directly connects what AI can do to how we think and work.

This eBook explains the key principles and use cases behind the approach. We welcome your feedback on it as you explore the idea. Feel free to connect with us on LinkedIn and share your thoughts. We’d love to hear from you.

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